Specialized Grow Room Glasses Available From Method Seven

Santa Cruz, CA based Method Seven wished to draw their community’s attention to the company’s lineup of grow room glasses. While the company may be better known for developing lenses to protect pilots’ eyes against the harsh light above the clouds, their team has been able to adapt their technology to create excellent eye protection for indoor growers.

Method Seven encourages growers to take a look at the Citadel FX Premium, a beautiful yet sturdy pair of glasses that boasts several intriguing features that have been developed specifically for growers. To begin with, these glasses have been designed to deal with full spectrum LED and CMH lights, and their Italian crafted frame passes ANSI-Z87+S standards. Many will also appreciate the fact that the lenses are coated with Resin Repel, which has both anti-fog and anti-stick properties. It also, notably, offers 100% UV protection. Method Seven adds that their team went the extra mile and built in infrared heat reduction, allowing the wearer to keep their eyes cool and moist even during extended sessions. To top it all off, an anti-reflective coating cuts glare, improving comfort and clarity.

Those who are familiar with grow room conditions will know exactly why LED protection glasses are such a vital tool, especially if they intend to stay in the industry for any length of time. Full spectrum LED lights mimic the bright light of a sunny day, but the LEDs emit high-intensity optical radiation across the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared (IR) spectrums. Similarly, CMH / LEC lamps emit both UV and infrared. Proper eyewear is essential to protect the eyes, but Method Seven has long understood that protection alone would not be enough in a grow room. The wearer has to be able to examine their plants in minute detail to ensure they are growing as intended and are healthy, so achieving the right balance between light and dark was an essential goal for the Method Seven team. Fortunately, they were able to find this balance, and their lenses now admit no more than the maximum amount of light that is safe for the human eye.

Since the glasses need to be worn for extended periods, the team also ensured the frame would be a comfortable fit for most heads — and they did not compromise on style. If there are any concerns regarding the fit, however, the company advises customers to check the glasses’ dimensions through their website.

Reviews from around the web serve to illustrate why customers keep coming back to Method Seven whenever they need task-specific glasses. For instance, a review from Lexi S. explains why the Method Seven Operator Blurple LED Classic Grow Room Glasses are worth the purchase for serious growers. This customer was able to contrast their Method Seven glasses with another manufacturer’s offerings, and they discovered why Method Seven takes such pride in their creations.

“I've got a way cheaper pair that works pretty good,” the review explains. “You could save some money with other brands. I believe this pair to be worth the money though. They are crystal clear with my lighting. It makes it look like my LEDs are putting out white light. The photos don't do these justice. My cheaper pair leaves a bluish tint which works fine, but it also alters the color of the plant a bit. I can actually see my plants' true color with this brand. Makes a huge difference.”

An excerpt from another review from E. Goode concurs with this. The customer says, “A friend told me about these, and I didn't really believe him, but got the glasses anyway. Wow! They are so effective, I can hardly believe it. I'd previously used very technical, but ill-suited outdoor sunglasses under the LEDs. These Method Sevens perfectly balance the light back to white. This means you can see much finer detail in the plants than with regular sunglasses. They also really reduce eyestrain, which I wasn't even really aware of until I compared them to my other glasses.”

Method Seven have also now released a new pair of grow room glasses available in 2 lens options: the Citadel FX Premium for Full Spectrum LED grow lights and the Citadel HPS Premium for HPS grow lights. Premium Method Seven glasses feature an advanced coating called Resin Repel. This coating was years in the making. The function of Resin Repel is to create a super high-gloss coating which permits Resin (from flowers) from sticking and crusting on the lenses. Many growers struggle to keep their grow room lenses clean over time and the Resin Repel coating is the solution. Method Seven checks another box off in grow room glasses innovation. Method Seven is the inventor and innovator of grow room glasses globally. The Citadel FX & HPS Premium also offer perfect color balance under the grow lights while attenuating the light to make working under the extreme intensity manageable.

Method Seven specializes in crafting glasses for a variety of atypical scenarios, and their products are meant to protect professionals in their daily routine. More information regarding their glasses is available on their website, and customers can make a quick purchase here as well.


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