Southeast Softwash LLC Is Providing Turnkey Softwashing Systems Equipment To Entrepreneurs

Southeast Softwash LLC, the largest provider of turn-key pressure washer equipment in the world, is encouraging those who want to start their own exterior washing business to find out more about its range of softwash equipment and training services.

The company’s CEO Coty Yarbrough talks about the company’s achievements and current offerings by saying, “Southeast Softwash has earned its reputation as a leader in the exterior washing industry through years of on-site experience. We have continuously refined our processes to perfection over decades of serving clients. When we began operations, the industry was still in its nascent stages and wasn’t even called softwashing. We simply called it “low-pressure cleaning.” Since then, we have seen the industry grow by leaps and bounds and Southeast Softwash has commensurately grown as well. We have learned a lot through this tough journey and now we are sharing all that we have learned with others like us who want to serve this in-demand home improvement need. We provide high-quality softwashing equipment that has everything you need to get started with your own pressure washing business. Our softwash systems are designed to be turn-key and easy to use. We help you and your crew overcome the learning curve with our Softwash 101 training classes and boot camp. We also offer training for free when you purchase our equipment. For entrepreneurs and self-starters who are just getting started in the pressure washing industry, we also provide financing opportunities. So, if you feel you are a right match for the pressure washing business, the only company to partner with is Southeast Softwash LLC.”

The company’s Mini Softwash Skid and Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Wash Skid are designed to fit on the back of mid-size pickup trucks. The sizing of these modules makes them perfect as starter pressure washing equipment for individuals or small crews or as demo units. The Mini Softwash Skid has a 50-gallon SH capacity, a 50-gallon water capacity, a 16-gallon surfactant tank, a 5.5 GPM 12V pump, and a 200 feet softwash hose. The Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Wash Skid offers the same features with the added benefit of the water tank being refillable on-site allowing the crew to work on multiple jobs in one trip.

For contractors who are scaling up their operations or for established businesses such as roofing companies who want to offer pressure washing services, Southeast Softwash has designed the Alumimax Pro Softwash/Pressure Wash Skid. It combines the powerful 5.5 GPM Honda pressure washer paired with two independent softwash systems which allow companies to run crews of up to 3 technicians and clean multiple surfaces at a time. Its tank-fed pressure washer allows for up to 15 minutes of pressure washing without the need for a water source. The AlumiMax has a 100-gallon water capacity, a 100-gallon SH capacity, and a 16-gallon surfactant capacity. The water tank has a Hudson shutoff valve. The heavy gauge welded aluminum frame is impervious to corrosion and reduces weight on the carrying truck. It is also fully forklift-capable making it easily removable.

Businesses that need the most capable and fully featured offering from Southeast Softwash can consider purchasing its trailer build. The Southeast Softwash pressure washing trailer build has a 6x12 ft tandem axle heavy-duty trailer with brakes, custom rack welded ladder, custom shelf welded hose reel, custom slots welded tank retention, and custom rack for a surface cleaner. Its softwash system has two independent soft wash systems pulling from a 100-gallon SH tank, a 200-gallon water tank, and a 30-gallon soap tank. It also has custom blend manifolds on each system, stainless hose reels, 200 feet soft wash hose on each system, 5.5 GPM 12V pumps, custom softwash wands, and a 20 amp dual battery charger.

Southeast Softwash LLC can be contacted at (334) 863-0084 or The company also provides softwashing parts and supplies such as chemicals, hoses/hose reels, wands/manifolds, pumps, surface cleaners, tips/nozzle holders, and more.


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