Southeast Sign Company Implements Master Sign Program Plan for Plaza

Southeast Sign Company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was chosen to implement a Master Sign Program for The Plaza At Oceanside in Pompano Beach. The company constructed the criteria for all future storefront signs in the plaza. The MSP will cover design, materials, structural detail and size allowances.

The purpose of Master Sign Programs is to set a standard for a plaza’s signage. A sign criteria encourages cohesion within the plaza, which is why they are becoming more and more popular throughout properties in South Florida.

Nick Santoriello, President of Southeast Sign Company, stated “We took the plaza, which had no previous signage, and developed a detailed sign program. Our objective was to design signs that flowed well with the overall look of The Plaza At Oceanside. We then delivered that sign program to the city. We are pleased that the city and Pompano’s AAC (Architectural Appearance Board) approved the plan and allowed us to begin working on our first sign for the plaza.”

Creating and implementing a sign program is not something that happens overnight. It involves several approval steps before being filed with the city.

“It took some time,” says James Farrar, CEO & Electrical Sign Contractor of Southeast Sign Company, “Our experience developing Master Sign Plans allows us to guide our clients down the right path when it comes to the design standards. The Plaza At Oceanside is a large building on the corner of AIA and Atlantic Ave. While their building is certainly noticeable, many passerbyers do not realize the first level is available retail/restaurant space. Our manufacturing design combines front-lit and backlit illumination, using blue letters and an attention-grabbing LED illuminated border. After the Installation of Nikki’s Greek Kitchen, I’m sure it will attract more retailers to the plaza.”

A number of skills are required in order to develop a sign program. The company developing the program must have extensive knowledge of city codes. All signs go through electrical, zoning, and structural departments before they are issued a permit. A sign code must conform to the sign ordinances of a city. For example, Pompano allows one square ft per linear ft of storefront-- this means that the criteria must adhere to these guidelines.

The Fort Lauderdale based sign company offers a number of services for businesses that need signs created. In addition to providing sign programs to municipalities, they also offer sign manufacturing, Installation, service and maintenance.

A Master Sign Program is a criteria that will provide businesses or multi-business establishments with the standards required for their business signage-- outlined in their lease. This program is created to ensure that each tenant receives adequate signage and that each sign meets the lighting, placement, background, fonts and other elements of design set forth by the program.

Sign program submissions typically require a planning application, which the company completes.. This plan is submitted to city officials and includes a summary table for each sign that is to be placed, as well as a rendering that shows the officials what the area looks like and what the signs will look like once they are all installed. The company developing the plan must research all city and county codes to ensure that all signs meet these guidelines. Dimensions of sign copy, colors, materials that can be used, any methods of illumination that are to be used, and spacing of signs with regards to building structures are all considered by the city’s reviewers. Once the program is approved, it will then serve as the guideline for any future signs that will be placed in that establishment.

Southeast Sign Company says that they are pleased to have been chosen to provide this program for The Plaza At Oceanside in Pompano Beach and they look forward to developing other such programs for similar establishments. Those interested in learning more about the company and what they do can visit them on their official website or contact them directly by email or by calling (754) 332-2263.


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