Solar Alternatives Expands Solar Backup Battery Program in Louisiana

New Orleans, LA—Solar Alternatives, the Gulf South’s leading energy storage, and solar power company in New Orleans, announced today that it has installed its 100th backup battery system in Louisiana on a residence in New Orleans. This milestone marks a steady increase in the state’s solar battery capacity, helping a growing number of businesses and residents to power critical needs during an unprecedented wave of power outages and rolling blackouts brought on by recent storms.

As a result, the company is announcing the expansion of its solar battery program, ensuring that businesses and homeowners can meet the challenges of extreme weather events with clean, reliable energy. The company works with leading battery producers such as Tesla, Generac, Enphase, LG Chem, and others to ensure broad access to battery systems for new and existing solar installations on homes and businesses. Program participants are eligible for the 26% Federal Tax Credit for solar and battery installations, as well as potential business and rural incentives and grants.

“There has never been a more important time for this proven technology to shine than with the converging threats of a destabilizing climate and a home-bound population. The recent events in Texas highlight the challenges our outdated grids will face in coming years, and the owners of solar battery systems sailed through the winter storms avoiding the extremes of cold and high bills,” notes Solar Alternatives owner Jeff Cantin.

Battery backup systems store electrical energy produced by solar panels and can be installed concurrently with new solar panels or retrofit onto the many existing solar installations in Louisiana. In the event of a grid outage, battery systems provide instantaneous backup power to operate critical needs such as lighting, security, internet, refrigeration, and other appliances. If a facility is equipped with adequate energy storage, heating and air conditioning can continue operating as well.

Solar Alternatives works with businesses, homeowners, builders, architects, and others to expand awareness and affordability of clean backup power technology. An initial solar battery site survey is provided at no charge to Louisiana citizens, including information on backup power capacity, energy savings, cost, tax incentives, and financing options. For more information on this program visit or call 877-776-5258.


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