Snowstorms Further Tax Texas Restaurants

Recent unprecedented weather conditions in Texas continue to cause problems for restaurants and related businesses as snowstorms, icy roads, and sub-freezing temperatures hamper people from going out. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, two Zoli and six Cane Rosso restaurants had to remain closed on Valentine’s Day due to the winter storm that was expected to result in up to 7 inches of snow in parts of North Texas. The original Cane Rosso restaurant in Deep Ellum was supposed to celebrate its tenth anniversary on February 14, 2021. They had expected to sell hundreds of heart-shaped pizzas on that day but they were forced to remain closed due to the extremely cold weather.

Hundreds of restaurants in the Dallas area had been hoping for a surge in sales on Valentine’s weekend but this did not happen due to the unexpected snowstorms. Jay Jerrier, owner of Cane Rosso, estimated that their failure to open on Valentine’s Day may have cost them at least $100,000. He was just thankful that they were able to sell $80,000 worth of pizzas on February 9 for National Pizza Day. Furthermore, he expects sales to pick up after the weather becomes better due to a lot of people wanting to make up for their unsatisfied food cravings.

Meanwhile, bakeries in Dallas suffered the same fate as the snowstorms on Valentine’s Day prevented them from opening up. Pastry chef Andrea Meyer of Bisous Bisous Patisserie and her team had to hurry up to finish all orders a day early on February 13 as customers urged them to get their orders done. They were selling heart-shaped French macarons and strawberry croissants dipped in chocolate for the Valentine’s Day celebration but many customers preordered and picked their orders early. Those who failed to preorder had to forego such sweets as below-freezing temperatures resulted in icy roads and loads of snow covering North Texas.

Ward Maedgen Accident Attorneys, a law firm in Dallas, was very much concerned about the above-mentioned developments and they even published an article on their site commenting on how some Texans were frustrated from enjoying some food and warmth in restaurants and other businesses on Valentine’s Day. They have been experiencing a lack of heat, water, and electricity as a result of the unprecedented weather conditions.

The blog post noted that an article in Houstonia Magazine presented a list of restaurants that managed to remain open despite the snowstorms. People are urged to support such establishments if they are able to do so. But as previously mentioned, many restaurants had to remain closed until the weather eases up.

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