Smolin & Co CPA Provides Bookkeeping Services In California

Smolin CPARoseville, California-based Smolin & Co CPA is pleased to share that they offer bookkeeping services to businesses in Roseville and the surrounding areas. The company is run by Yana Smolin, an experienced CPA in California who has worked with a wide range of clients, from public SEC filers to small businesses to individuals. Knowledgeable in both tax and audit, she uses her expertise to help clients build the best financial and tax plan for their individual needs.

A representative for Smolin & Co CPA says, “It’s hard enough running a business without having to consider the nuances of bookkeeping on top of everything else, which is why a lot of businesses choose to outsource their bookkeeping work. At Smolin & Co CPA, our whole team is dedicated to providing exceptional tax and accounting service to individuals and small businesses so that they can free up their time to focus on their businesses and their lives. For the last eight years, we have served the local community reliably, with a great team of accountants led by an experienced CPA who uses her knowledge and experience in both audit and tax to provide both personal and professional financial services.”

Smolin & Co CPA provides several forms of critically important assistance for small businesses, such as compliance, management, and advisory services. Compliance services on offer include taxes, whether personal, business, or corporate, dealing with issues like local sales tax and VAT, and taking care of legally required corporate documentation, among other factors. Management services include but are not limited to managing daily transactions via bookkeeping, management of payroll and taxes, and financial planning, reporting, and advice to support growth. Smolin & Co CPA’s advisory services range from reporting to help directors make informed decisions for the future of the business and capital fundraising advice on seeking equity to help grow the business.

Smolin & Co CPA’s representative says, “As successful as your business might be now, we have absolutely no doubts that you can take it to greater heights. Our team is dedicated to taking on the burden of accounting and bookkeeping so that you can focus on that goal. You don’t need to fret about the fine details, leave that work to us. Your time can be dedicated to day-to-day operations and everyday growth. We can help you ensure that your business reaches and exceeds its goals.”

The services provided by Smolin & Co CPA have earned the company a lot of praise from local business owners, as is made evident by their perfect 5-Star rating on the Google platform. In a recent review, Craig Horner writes, “I have complicated taxes with multiple assets and small businesses. Yana does an amazing job of sorting it out and explaining everything in a simple format that is easy to understand. I have recommended her to a bunch of other people. They all left who they were using to go with her. I'm not sure you need anything else. Best CPA I've ever met. I don't usually take time to write reviews.”

First Response Phone Repair similarly praises the company’s work in their review, explaining that, “Smolin & CO CPA is the greatest CPA office I have been to. I have visited many other places before bumping into this company, and I can’t explain how knowledgeable, friendly and coherent Yana is. She was able to locate many simple mistakes that caused me to lose money, and in the end, I finally received funds back instead of paying. Yana is the go-to when you want your taxes done! She helped me transform my sole proprietor into an LLC as well when I didn’t know how to get it done. Come here for any of your taxes, audits, or accounting needs!”

Learn more about Smolin & Co CPA, their history in the field, and their wide-ranging bookkeeping services in California at their website. Those interested may reach out to the company to follow up on any further inquiries or book an appointment.


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