Smith Centers for Foot & Ankle Care Is Now Offering The Swift Microwave Plantar Wart Treatment

Chicago podiatrist Smith Centers for Foot & Ankle Care has announced that it is now offering The Swift Microwave Wart Therapy at its locations in Chicago, IL. The Swift Microwave Plantar Wart Therapy system is designed by Saorsa Inc to offer a pain-free and fast treatment for curing plantar warts.

A spokesperson for Smith Centers for Foot & Ankle Care urges those suffering from plantar warts to find out more about the new form of therapy by saying, “This is truly a paradigm shift in how we treat plantar warts. There is no more pain to contend with and you can be back to your regular schedule quicker than if you opted for other, currently administered treatments for the condition. Are you still unsure and need help doing the research? Click here and let us help you. You will be soon convinced that this is the future of podiatry.”

The Saorsa Swift Microwave Therapy system has been hailed as revolutionary for the ease with which it fixes stubborn plantar warts without any pain, discomfort, or hazards that usually accompany traditional treatments such as salicylic acid and cryotherapy. For example, when a patient undergoes cryotherapy for the treatment of plantar warts, liquid nitrogen is applied to the affected area of the foot. The aim is to freeze plantar warts and to let them shed over time or to trim them using a knife. Cryotherapy is reported to be painful and the pain can persist for up to 3 days. It also takes up to 7 to 14 days for the wound to completely heal. Similar problems exist in other plantar wart treatments such as the application of salicylic acid which removes plantar warts, one layer at a time.

In contrast, the Saorsa Swift Microwave Therapy system is dramatically cleaner and almost completely painless. It produces no smoke, requires no anesthetic, and requires no post-procedure dressing. The treatment methodology can achieve this due to its use of microwaves which are laser-focused and act only on the affected area. Microwave energy has been used for decades for medical purposes due to its non-ionizing nature which implies that they don’t affect the DNA of living things. This property of microwave radiation combined with their ability to focus just the right amount of energy on a targeted area makes them ideally suited for treating plantar warts.

The Saorsa Swift System is a surface-based device intended for the coagulation of soft tissue during non-invasive procedures. It rapidly increases the temperature of the infected tissue to target the root cause of the issue. The microwaves are produced inside a unique compact generator that has a simple user interface and can be quickly set up. Since the system from Saorsa is highly portable, energy-efficient, and therapist-friendly, it allows health providers to treat more patients quicker with greater accuracy and a high rate of success.

The Chicago podiatry clinic’s spokesperson talks more about its offerings by saying, “Here is a full list of our services. We treat every aspect of the musculoskeletal system of your feet, ankles, and lower legs to make sure they work effortlessly for smooth and pain-free movement. If you are having difficulties staying on your feet for a significant amount of time due to pain or if moving around is not effortless, call us today and we will diagnose the root cause of the issue. Our treatments aim to always remedy the underlying ailment to ensure assured, long-term recovery. The team here at Smith Centers For Foot & Ankle Care is led by Dr. Carlos F. Smith, DPM, PC, certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and the American Board of Podiatric Medicine, who has been serving the local community since 1998. So, call us today at (773) 445-3964 or (773) 924-7765 to reach our Beverly Center and Hyde Park Center clinics respectively. To keep up with our news and announcements, we recommend that you follow our Facebook.”


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