Small Business Soap Company Focusing on E-Commerce Efforts

The Eczema Soap is an all-natural soap company that uses simple, all natural ingredients to ensure healthy skin moisturization and a healthy planet. On September 23, 2020, The Eczema Soap closed their physical location. By doing this, they cut off 80% of their revenue stream. They decided to do this in order to expand their online efforts. E-Commerce is a vast and growing industry and they want to make sure that they use this opportunity to provide essential soaps to people in need across the country.

A representative of the company explained their decision in a recent phone interview last week, “We made the decision to close our physical store in order to double down on our online efforts. We have developed a complete online retail platform while keeping the same values of community. This transition will allow us to provide all-natural, eczema soap to more people than ever before. We can now help not only our community, but the entire country.

Honey & Oatmeal Bar soap by The Eczema Soap

This is a major transition for the company that will allow them to be prepared for the future of their industry. Their main priorities in this move are employee wellness, customer satisfaction, as well as financial stability. Their employees will now be able to work from home. Most of their employees will be part of the company’s customer support team while others will work on the technical side of keeping an e-commerce business running smoothly.

They make it their goal to have complete satisfaction from every customer they help. They have expanded their customer support hours to successfully help people with questions or concerns at any time. They can now focus more on providing essential bar soap to more people than ever before in the company’s history. The company will also be more financially stable than ever before. Since they are growing their market, they are increasing their profits. They have already reported a large increase in sales since they transitioned online.

The Eczema Soap stays focused on their brand’s mission to provide quality soaps to as many people as possible. It contains 100% natural ingredients, offering a more effective ‘clean’ for all skin types, versus an average soap bar. The soap thoroughly cleans the skin while gently exfoliating and naturally moisturizing. If anyone is tired of dealing with Eczema in their life, they should head over to The Eczema Soap’s website at for maximum relief through a natural soap made by people with Eczema for people with Eczema.


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The Eczema Soap
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