SLFORCE LTD Restocks Their Safe Personal Alarm

SLFORCE LTD is pleased to announce that their black personal alarms are now back in stock. This product is a huge favourite among customers, and the company looks forward to making deliveries once more.

Shahar of SLFORCE LTD says, “No one can ever truly know when and where danger will strike. It could lurk at every corner in the form of assailants, dogs and so on. What’s even worse is the fact that parents have to constantly worry about their children’s safety, knowing that they can’t always be there to protect them.” In light of this, SLFORCE LTD is pleased to offer a simple yet effective solution to this problem.

As noted on the company’s website, an attacker’s worst enemy is public attention. Capitalizing on this, SLFORCE LTD developed a black personal alarm to help people protect themselves in moments of need. It is an easy and quick solution that does not require any thinking. By simply pulling the hand strap, a screaming siren of 130 dB is activated, which is as loud as a military jet aircraft taking off. With this attention-grabbing sound, the person in danger will be able to get the vital seconds they need to flee the scene immediately. It also draws the attention of other people nearby and will serve to draw them to the source of the sound. It even has a built-in LED flashlight so that people can easily navigate through a dark area.

SLFORCE’s black personal alarm is only 3.07 x 2.2 x 1.26 inches and weighs 1.58 ounces, making it very easy to carry. The alarm also comes with a free D-Ring carabiner clip which can easily attach to bags, keychains or even purses for instant access. It is also equipped with three LR44 batteries and a user manual so customers will be able to learn how to use it properly.

Moreover, the company claims that their customer’s experience with the SLFORCE personal alarm is very important to them, which is why they offer a 6-month guarantee for every single purchase of the alarm. The company’s dedication to the satisfaction of their customers is also reflected in the positive reviews left by the people who have bought their products.

In a 5-Star review, Amazon user AlaProf says, “I tested all five of the alarms and also tested the light on each one. All worked. The sound was easy to activate by pulling a pin, and reinserting the pin stops the alarm. It did not seem likely to accidentally go off in a pocket or purse. The alarm activating pin was easy to remove but did not seem so easy that it would come out when not expected. Each one comes with an extra fastener that you can add on or leave off. I attached my alarm to a keychain with several keys and have been carrying them in my pants pocket with no problems. I gave one to my wife and will give one to our daughter and possibly also to the nanny who takes care of our young grandchildren for our daughter and son-in-law when they are working.”

In another 5-Star review, Amazon user Jess M. says, “I have never written a product review because I have never felt this strong about anything that I have ordered since being introduced to five years ago. This is an excellent device and I absolutely love it. The device works and looks exactly how it is described in the product description. It works extremely well. I highly recommend this personal alarm to anyone. It's very easy to use. The alarm is very loud. It's just as loud as a home personal alarm system. The flashlight is a plus. It's tiny but bright for its size. I ordered 3 boxes of 5. I like the different color options. I tested each alarm and flashlight and they all worked well. I have given them to family and friends. I even kept one for myself. This personal alarm will make a great gift.”

SLFORCE LTD asserts that their product is a great way to protect oneself when in an unfamiliar and dangerous situation. It is also a fantastic present for any occasion, such as Christmas or housewarming parties, especially since it is very useful for those who live independently, such as a teenager starting college. Furthermore, the company claims that the safety and satisfaction of all their customers as well as their families is their top priority.

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