SLFORCE Explores the Effectiveness of a Personal Alarm Keychain in New Blog Post

SLFORCE LTD, a company that provides safe personal alarms, has announced that they have examined the effectiveness of a safe personal alarm keychain. This particular personal alarm that is available from SLFORCE will produce a screaming siren after the hand strap on the device is pulled. The sound produced can be likened to a military jet aircraft taking or a machine gun firing. That will surely attract the attention of people in the vicinity. The article examines how useful such a device can be in ensuring a person’s safety or in saving a person from life-threatening danger. More about this can be gleaned at

Shahar from SLFORCE LTD says, “In the end, we are dependent on how the technology works. While this device is very useful, its effectiveness is limited to how we will use it. It will do its part only if we do ours, and our role is to make sure we have it somewhere, which is easily reachable, such as your backpack's side pocket or keychain, so you can activate it instantly without wasting any time and avoiding any potential danger because safety always comes first.”

A common situation where a personal alarm can be useful in protecting a person is when one is in an unfamiliar place. This will become obvious to would-be criminals and they may identify such a person as being an easy target. However, having a personal alarm that can easily be activated within a second will likely cause a would-be criminal to flee and abandon his criminal intention. An alarm that produces a very loud noise will surely attract other people’s attention and would-be criminals don’t want that.

As such, a personal alarm may be able to prevent many terrible crimes, such as child trafficking. Research has shown that most criminals consider children to be one of the easiest targets. Giving one’s kids such a device and teaching them on how to activate the alarm whenever they feel they are in danger can do a lot in prevent crimes against children. It may also be useful when trying to locate children in case they get lost in a crowd or a shopping mall.

Furthermore, the personal alarm device from SLFORCE can be useful for the elderly with a medical condition, such as asthma or heart problems. They can use the device to call for immediate help if they feel they are in a medical emergency, such as when they notice the symptoms of a stroke or if they have slipped and fallen in the bathroom or anywhere else. Such a device can help, particularly for those situations where the elderly will need immediate medical attention.

Another common crime, unfortunately, is sexual assault. Research has revealed that an American gets sexually assaulted every 73 seconds. Criminals often get the courage to pursue their criminal intent if they think a potential victim is unattended or weak enough to be able to resist. But with a personal alarm in the possession of such a person, the criminal desire can be dashed to pieces with the loud piercing sound making the would-be criminal realize that people will soon be attracted to the sound. Most of the time, this will cause the would-be criminal to run away, thus saving the would-be victim from sexual assault or any other crime that might even cost his or her life.

It is important to note, however, that while it is easy to activate the alarm, its effectiveness is limited by how a person will use it. It should always be brought along and people should always be alert regarding their surroundings and any potential danger. It should be placed inside the pocket or attached to a keychain for easy accessibility in case there is potential danger.

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