Simpsons International Removals Help Expats Moving To Germany

Dartford, England -

UK-based Simpsons International Removals Ltd is ready to ensure expats have all the support they need if they plan to move to Germany in the near future. Pointing to Germany’s recently announced plans to address labour shortages with immigration reforms, the company acknowledges that skilled workers in the UK have incentives to live and work in Germany. Simpsons International Removals have helped customers move their belongings to European countries for years and will be able to provide assistance throughout the removals process. More information about the company can be found here:

Labour Minister Hubertus Heil and Interior Ministry Nancy Faeser have written to German media and expressed a desire to transform Germany into an immigration destination for skilled workers, competing with the USA, Canada and Australia. The country boasts strong labour protections and progressive human rights laws, which they hope will prove attractive for workers in such fields.

Simpsons International Removals states their team is always ready to help expats make the transition to Germany. The company has a great deal of experience moving customers throughout Europe and beyond, and the UK-Germany route is one they have already completed for countless individuals and families.

Notably, the company offers a door-to-door service, so customers can have their personal effects delivered from the UK to their new address in Germany. The company also prefers to utilise a European road train instead of removal vans, which saves on costs. These costs are then passed onto the customer, resulting in lower rates.

One customer says, “I was moving overseas for my work. Already apprehensive I was offered advice from the get go from Simpsons, they were friendly and offered me tips on what to take and what to leave as I’m a bit of a hoarder, so there was a lot to go through! I took everything I needed, and I was pleased with their customer services and packing team. Thanks, again.”

Others also agree that the company’s involvement served to take much of the guesswork out of their moves, essentially assuring them a stress-free experience overall. Another review says, “The smoothest move I ever had. I have had bad experiences with other companies, so I was a little unsure. I booked anyway, and it was the best decision I made last year. They were non-stop, packed everything up so fast and were so careful in moving my valuable items, and not a single piece of furniture was knocked, scratched or damaged. I highly recommend Simpsons, and I will use them for any future international moves.”

Simpsons offers customers many advantages via their standard service, including a free home survey, an experienced international removal surveyor, temporary storage and even a dedicated move manager who will help with documentation and customs clearance for moving to Germany. The company recognizes that most people moving to Germany will have very little experience (if at all) with the relocation of this scale, so their team takes it upon themselves to fill in the gaps with superior service. Whatever a customer’s needs and concerns may be, they are welcome to leave it all in Simpsons’ capable hands.

Customers may contact the company today to request a free, no-obligation quote for moving overseas using this link Customers may also receive information about moving to Germany by calling the head office on 01322 949 557.


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