Simplified Dumpster Now Offers Same Day Roll Off Dumpsters in East Lansing, MI

Lansing based waste management company, Simplified Dumpster now offers same or next day roll-off dumpster rentals in East Lansing, MI. The company wants local contractors, businesses and homeowners in East Lansing to know that they can access consistently dependable roll-off dumpster rentals affordable for same or next day delivery.

Speaking about Simplified Dumpster, their services and growth, Scott, the company’s spokesperson said that Simplified Dumpster is a local dumpster rental service that understands the waste removal needs of local homeowners and contractors and that they were committed to making roll-off dumpster rentals not only more affordable, but also more accessible to customers. He added that they have invested in a large inventory of various size dumpsters so that they could be able to accommodate the needs of every customer; being able to provide same day dumpster services to customers with time sensitive projects.

Simplified Dumpster

Simplified Dumspter offers residential dumpsters as well as commercial dumpster rentals. According to Scott, their roll-off containers are designed to comfortably haul different types of waste, following various types of projects. Some of the project he mentioned that their roll-off dumpsters could be rented for range from residential projects such as; home cleanouts, garage cleanouts, furniture and mattress removal, yard maintenance, remodeling projects, renovation and other home improvement projects, to commercial projects such as; foreclosure or eviction cleanouts, storage and rental units’ cleanouts, office and business cleanouts, office furniture and equipment removal and construction and demolition debris cleanouts.

Simplified Dumspter offers five different roll-off container options that customers can choose from. They offer 7-yard dumpsters that are designed for cement waste removal as well as 10-yard dumpsters, 15-yard dumpsters, 20-yard dumpsters and 30-yard dumpsters that are designed for waste removal, following various residential and commercial projects. While their 10-yard dumpsters and 15-yard dumpsters can haul up to 4 pick up truckloads and 6 pick-up truckloads of waste respectively, their 20-yard dumpsters are designed to accommodate up to 9 pick-up truckloads of waste. Their largest dumpster rentals, the 30-yard dumpsters can accommodate up to 12 pick-up truckloads of material.

The dumpster rental company provides roll-off containers at varying dumpster rental costs depending on the size of each bin. Customers can rent their 7-yard cement-specific dumpsters at $299 for 1-7 days. They offer their 10-yard dumpsters at $349, their 15-yard dumpsters at $399, their 20-yard dumpsters at $499 and their 30-yard dumpsters at $575 per container, for 1-7 days. The company has stated that they have one flat fee for a dumpster and they have no tonnage limits, so customers can toss all their trash or junk in a container without worrying about additional overage fees. Customers can also take advantage of their flexible rental terms and extend the period of their rental for $20 per day for additional days.

Simplified Dumspter is usually open for in-person visits from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm on weekdays and on Saturday from 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM. They also offer over the phone consultations, and 24-hrs online booking service, that customers can use to book their roll-off containers. Their Covid-19 safety precautions include; hand sanitizing, temperature checks, social distancing and their staff also wear masks at work.

Anyone who needs a same day roll-off dumpster in East Lansing, MI or any other dumpster rental service can get more information from the company’s representatives by giving them a call or by visiting their website at Dumpster Rental East Lansing MI - Simplified Dumpster.


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