Signature Landscape Offers Hardscaping Services for Landscapes in Orange County CA

Mission Viejo, California -

Signature Landscape, a landscaping company based in Mission Viejo, CA, wants to point out that they offer hardscaping, which is a vital factor in the design of a lavish landscape for homes in Orange County. Hardscaping includes the field stones, paver stones, and other hard surfaces that are used for the patios, pathways, driveway, fire ring areas, and outdoor living spaces.

As part of hardscaping, they provide interlocking pavers installation services. Pavers offer a cost-effective alternative to other kinds of hardscape materials in the construction of pathways, patios, or driveways. In addition, pavers can provide a beautiful touch to the landscaping, particular the outdoor areas. It is important to note that paver stones typically are placed on top of concrete and cost a lot lot more than just using interlocking pavers. Interlocking pavers also require less maintenance compared to decorative concrete like stamped concrete. Most homeowners will need stamped concrete to be replaced or resurfaced every 20 to 30 years. For interlocking pavers, it is also possible to run a 12” band of concrete around the interlocking pavers to make them look better like picture framing. More about interlocking pavers can be gleaned from


Moe Khoee, owner of Signature Landscape, says, “Homeowners can rest assured that interlocking concrete pavers are as beautiful and durable as brick while more affordable and faster to install. There is also only minimal maintenance required. It is typically recommended they are resealed every three years to ensure durability and cleanliness in between the pavers. Other than that, the maintenance is very similar to other stone or brick driveways or walkways. Simply sweep or clean the surfaces as often as necessary. Furthermore, concrete is very durable and long-lasting, even in extreme temperatures. This means that you will be able to enjoy your new driveway or patio for many years to come.”

Meanwhile, they also install stamped concrete that is made by using the best quality of cement mixes. Stamped concrete can be used for driveways, pool decks, garage floors, patios, concrete flooring, and sidewalks. These are expertly installed by their team of professionals to ensure that the stamped concrete will surpass the strength testing standards. They will take all of the necessary steps to ensure that the stamped concrete will stand the test of time and will always provide meticulous installation and use only the best materials and procedures. More about their stamped concrete installation services can be learned from

It is important to note that the sun plays a vital role in the concrete setting, making it harden quickly when under direct sunlight compared to shady areas. Their team of professional concrete experts and stampers know the the proper timing to get the best stamping results. Once the concrete stamping is completed, the area has to be allowed to set for 24 hours with no walking or placing objects on the concrete. On the second day, all of the release colors are swept away, and they will used pressure washing to clear the surface. A penetrating sealer is typically applied after one month of the concrete curing. However, during the summer, it may only take a few weeks before they can apply the sealer for a fully completed stamped concrete project.

Signature Landscape was founded by Moe Khoee, who currently owns and operates the residential and commercial landscaping services company. They offer customized landscaping services to suit the specific needs of the home, lifestyle, and business of the client. Included in their commercial landscaping services are apartments, condominiums, government buildings, and shopping centers. Each of their Signature landscapes start with a three-dimensional CAD print by one of the professional landscape architects. Their two and three dimensional CAD color prints will allow clients to visualize what their landscaping will look like after the project is completed during the design phase. This will also allow customers to choose various components, such shrubs, trees, ground covers, pavers, decorative concrete, and more.

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