Sight Of Beauty Offers Advanced Treatments To Enhance Personal Beauty

Plainview, NY beauty specialist Sight of Beauty is pleased to announce that they offer advanced aesthetic, non-invasive services aimed to improve and enhance one’s personal appearance. They are currently welcoming clients from Long Island, Plainview and the greater New York area.

Sight of Beauty provides state-of-the art surgical and non-surgical cosmetic practices, such as dermal fillers made up of volumizing agents (Hyaluronic Acid, etc.). These fillers are injected into facial depressions, such as creases and sunken areas. Doing this adds volume to the depressions, fills in wrinkles and makes the skin look younger and smoother. Dermal fillers are most effective at reversing the signs of aging that can be found in the lips, nose, chin and other areas in the lower portion of the face. They can also add volume back to areas that depreciate with age, including the cheek area and under-eye bags. Other effects include restoring facial symmetry and smoothing out acne scars. Depending on the type of filler used, these effects can last from several months to several years.

Sight of Beauty treatment room

The beauty clinic also offers Botox treatment, which is the most sought-after procedure for reversing the signs of aging. Botox targets expression lines, dynamic wrinkles that form around the eyes, brow and forehead. These expression lines are caused by the muscles that lie under the skin that have to make repetitive contractions. In turn, these repetitive contractions cause grooves to form in the muscle that then lead to creases in the overlying skin. Botox works by blocking signals that tell the muscles that lie under the skin to contract. This makes the muscle relax, lengthening the tissue and smoothing out the overlying skin. This reverses the creases on the forehead, brow and around the eyes. These effects typically last between 3-6 months.

Another service that Sight of Beauty offers is Ultherapy. Ultherapy utilizes an ultrasonic device to send ultrasonic waves past the outer skin and into the deeper layers of tissue. The energy from the ultrasonic waves heats up the tissue and causes the fibers to tighten and contract. This stimulates a natural healing response by making cells produce elastic and collagen, structural proteins in skin that keeps the tissue tight, supple and flexible. Ultherapy also gives the technician an image of the patient’s skin layers. The image helps the technician adjust the treatment based on the patient’s needs and goals. Other treatments that Sight of Beauty offers include wrinkle reduction, chemical peels and facial, skin care and skin resurfacing.

Sight of Beauty does not believe in one-size-fits-all treatments. They consult with their patients to determine which treatments make the most sense based on their skin, and they collectively find a solution for their patients’ aesthetic needs. This approach has helped them provide each and every individual who places their trust in the clinic with the best care possible. Those who want to start their journey to achieving their personal best beauty can find Sight of Beauty via their GMB listing.

Meanwhile, those who have received treatment from Sight of Beauty have great things to say about the clinic. Sam E. says in a review published on the clinic’s website, “If you have a special occasion or want to treat yourself, I highly recommend seeing her! The place is absolutely gorgeous, the staff is not ‘uppity’ in the way that you would usually find at high-end medi spas, and they were extremely knowledgeable and professional. I had a Platinum Hydrafacial with Brianna, and it was above and beyond my expectations. She was very informative and gentle, and let me tell you my face is absolutely glowing!”

Nikka F. also writes, “I had the chance to work with Sight of Beauty on several projects, and I have to say that this is a talented team. They are going to bring some very cutting edge aesthetic services to Long Island. This level of professional aesthetic care is long overdue in this area, and they have a medical director team made up of real doctors. They are located next to the Anthony DeFranco hair salon, which makes this very convenient. I expect to hear more from this group in the future as they expand their service offerings.”

Complete details can be found on the clinic’s website. Alternatively, beauty enthusiasts may check out Sight of Beauty’s Facebook page to stay up to date with their latest news and offers.


For more information about Sight of Beauty, contact the company here:

Sight of Beauty
Dr. Samuel Baharestani
(516) 293-0459
1451 Old Country Rd, Plainview, NY 11803