Show "I" Announces That All New Events Happening in D.C. Will be Held at Various New Pop-up Locations

Washington, D.C.—In a wild combination of immersive dance and performance art, "Show I" announces that all new events happening in D.C. will be held at various new Pop-up locations.

According to a reviewer at Washington D.C. Dancer Reviews, "Show I" is unique comes together in a work that defies boundaries and offers an intriguing collection of interpretive performances to DC dance and art lovers."

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"This is the kind of show that is never quite the same with each performance, and that is a good thing!” said the reviewer. Viewers can expect to see exciting performance art and a cross of artistic disciplines, curation, and dance styles.

What’s really neat is the traveling show aspect where this performance takes place in different pop-up locations week-to-week in various to-be-announced-locations.

Producer and director of the show says, "Whether you see the whole performance or catch glimpses of it as you buzz by on a bike or your daily stroll, the feeling you’ll be left with is a lightness, a happiness in the bringing together of different types of art and dance. This is so needed in a time where we might be feeling lonely or separate from each other due to the ongoing pandemic."

A recent show goer said, "This is my first-time seeing ANC (Artist Neighbor Collective) and it was a total delight.”

While "Show I" is free, reservations are required for performances. Gatherings start at 5PM and social distancing safety protocols will be observed so that attendees stay safe while enjoying the show.

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Anyone interested in attending can contact DC Dance Place by visiting their official site at

SHOW “I” is a walk-able, drive-able, scoot-able, bike-able visual and performance art gallery, with unique happenings at each artist’s home space.

Learn more about our FORTITUDE Fall Performances and Events at

Details: Date: October 24 Cost: Free Venue: 3225 8th Street NE Washington, DC 20017 Phone: 202-269-1600


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