Sholom’s Innovative COVID-19 Rehab Program Brings Relief to Survivors

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge people around the globe with ever-changing facets, Sholom is meeting the specific challenges of COVID-19 survivors with an innovative rehab program offered at both its St. Paul and St. Louis Park, Minnesota campuses.

“While most people make a full recovery from COVID-19, other people experience a wide range of complications that can last weeks to many months,” said Dr. Paul Schanfield, a retired neurologist and Sholom board member who advised on the development of Sholom’s COVID-19 rehab program. “Sholom’s program specifically targets and helps treat the so-called ‘long hauler’ effects. These effects range from shortness of breath to loss of strength and flexibility to neurological side effects such as brain fog and loss of taste and smell.”

Working with a comprehensive team of medical experts, Sholom developed the rehab program to meet the needs specific to COVID-19 survivors.

“As we worked our way through the pandemic, we started noticing very specific issues that needed to be addressed with survivors,” said Ashley Johnson, a rehab manager at Sholom’s campus in St. Paul. “Sholom’s program identifies the symptoms, assesses the specific COVID-19 related needs, and then provides treatment protocols aimed at addressing the needs on a specific and wholistic manner.”

Sholom’s multi-disciplinary and wholistic approach includes an ongoing commitment to research and learning from the treatments and responses to stay in front of the ever-changing face of COVID.

“We are finding COVID-19 long haulers may have just one or several ongoing conditions that can and will improve with focused treatment,” said Sholom rehab manager Michelle Harris. “Providing this program helps us provide the type of innovative and personalized services Sholom is known for. We’ve been serving the community for more than a century and we’ve learned a thing or two about adapting to meet the needs of our community no matter the challenge.”

Situated on campuses in St. Paul and St. Louis Park, Minnesota, Sholom in partnership with our community, supports adults in need across the full continuum of care for seniors and those requiring rehabilitation services. Founded more than a century ago, Sholom’s services allow life in a Jewish environment where all are welcome.

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