Sholom and Lifespark Partnership Bring COMPLETE Senior Health to Residents

Saint Louis Park, Minnesota -

Sholom, a senior living community, and Lifespark, a complete senior health company, have partnered to bring Lifespark COMPLETE™ to Sholom residents. The Lifespark COMPLETE system integrates the benefits of in-home medical experts that specialize in the unique needs of older adults with ongoing, whole-person life management support available for all Sholom residents at no additional cost under participating health plans.

“Trust, coordination of care, and truly serving people – not processing them– are important parts of health care delivery,” said Lifespark CEO, Joel Theisen, BSN, RN. “Sholom and Lifespark share a vision of building communities that foster wellness, engagement, and person-centered services because they matter to people as they age. Sholom is a strong partner who believes what we believe and are committed to their resident’s long-term well-being, bringing health right to where they live.”

Sholom CEO, Barbara Klick, RN, MBA, is encouraged by the results Lifespark has seen in improving people’s health outcomes. “We are committed to moving quality health care forward by partnering with Lifespark to engage with staff and residents to promote and improve health and stabilize chronic disease in a cost-effective manner,” added Klick. “Bringing health care to our residents, when medically appropriate, reminds me of when physicians did house calls in the past. Together, we will be providing ‘care’ from a complete, seamlessly integrated team from Lifespark and Sholom to drive better engagement and wellness. That’s exciting for us.”

Lifespark COMPLETE data shows a 47% reduction in inpatient admissions, 29% reduction in ER visits, and a 93 net promoter score which is an industry metric for patient and family satisfaction out of 100. “We already know the cost of poor outcomes and what a narrow view of heath care spend does to a senior and their family,” said Theisen. “This is about simplifying health care and delivering highly individualized services that recognizes the full range of human needs. When we do that, the experience improves and that’s what matters to everyone.”

With their COMPLETE team, Sholom seniors and their families get a complete system of services designed to help them stay at home, navigate their health options with confidence, and ultimately live fuller, more independent lives as they age. The Lifespark COMPLETE team and services are available to ALL Sholom residents – at no additional cost under participating health plans.

“Our collaboration supports our seniors and their families as well as the Sholom team,” explained Klick. “The Lifespark COMPLETE model goes deeper into discovering and recording goals and preferences for all aspects of well-being to meet our residents wherever they are in life’s journey, getting everyone on the same page, and minimizing gaps across the full continuum of care.”

Sholom, in partnership with their community, supports adults in need across the continuum of care, to live life fully in a Jewish environment where all are welcome. They offer convenient Twin Cities locations in St. Paul and St. Louis Park.

Lifespark, formerly Lifesprk, is a complete senior health company. The company helps people stay healthy, navigate health options with confidence, and ultimately live fuller, more independent lives.

Lifespark provides a single point of contact for each client’s everyday and essential health needs. The company also provides expert medical care on their own terms by providers who specialize in the unique needs of seniors. With Lifespark COMPLETE, the approach is powered by a single comprehensive life record that gives them a complete picture of each client as a person.

The company believes nothing should stop people from doing the things they love, being with the ones they cherish, or living the way they want. Lifespark states they are here to help people age magnificently.

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