Shoes Suggester India Releases Shoe Selection Guide

Asia based Shoes Suggester India has released a new guide that offers readers help with choosing a pair of running shoes in India. The guide also provides information on marathon running shoes and reviews with the hope of making the shoe selection process easier for their readers.

If one is a marathon runner or in training for this purpose, it is important to get the right pair of running shoes, as it can affect running performance drastically. Finding the right marathon running shoes in India might not be easy with the wide range of options available, but the guide will fortunately narrow this list down to the best options. Learn more here:

The guide includes a comparison of the top 10 best marathon running shoes in India and a comprehensive review of each of these shoes based on their comfort factor, weight, support and durability. The information provided will help even a beginner make an informed decision about buying the perfect pair of marathon running shoes that meets their individual needs.

The top choice for men’s shoes is the New Balance Men's Fresh Foam V2 Running Shoe, which is affordable, soft, flexible and durable with excellent cushioning. The top choice for women’s shoes is the Nike Women Running Shoes, which features a stylish and lightweight design and breathable material. Some of the shoes in the top 10 for men include the New Balance Men Fresh Foam Beacon Running Shoe (best long-distance running shoes), the Sparx Men's Running Shoes (best Spark running shoes for marathon), the Lotto Men Vertigo Running Shoes (best budget running shoes) and the Adidas Men Running Shoes (best breathable marathon running shoes). The top 10 options for women include the Adidas Women's Ultraboost W Running Shoes (best running shoes for hard surfaces), the Gravity Defyer Women's G-Defy XLR8 (best marathon shoes for foot pain relief), the Under Armour Women Running Shoes (best marathon shoes for cushioning) and the Campus Women's Alexa Running Shoe (best stylish running shoes).

The guide also discusses which aspects to consider when selecting a pair of running shoes. One of the most important factors of these is breathability — a runner must always make sure that the running shoes they are buying have a breathable upper and provide sufficient airflow. Wearing running shoes that do not allow proper ventilation can lead to issues like blisters, foot fungus, pain and other unpleasant foot problems. If the shoe has good ventilation, the foot can stay dry and cool even on warm days, so that runners can be ready for any conditions in a race.

Durability is the next factor to consider. A good pair of good marathon shoes should be built to last. Since a runner will be wearing the same pair of shoes for the entire race, they must make sure that the shoes are built with high-quality materials that will withstand the pressure of extended use. The best shoes for marathon running have rubber outsoles to provide long-lasting durability. These do not wear out after just a few uses. Another way to test the durability of running shoes is by looking at how thick the tongue and collar are, because these parts are likely to wear out first on any pair of running shoes. Thicker materials will provide more durability.

A runner should also consider the support provided by a pair of running shoes. Having shoes with good support is essential for a race as well as for training, and a runner can gauge how much support a pair of shoes provides by examining the midsole and the outsole. If the midsole is made of thicker material than normal, it usually provides more support for the foot (which can reduce the risk of certain injuries, such as plantar fasciitis).

Shoes Suggester India was created by fitness and sports lovers to help people find the perfect shoes, and the company is a part of Shoes Suggester (International). Joseph Finney, the owner, and founder of Shoes Suggester India, is a fitness, running and sports enthusiast who spends a lot of time running, and has taken part in marathons since childhood. He took the initiative to start Shoes Suggester India in order to help other people who are interested in walking, running or any kind of sport by sharing his many years of experience.

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