Shira Diamonds Fast Becoming One of the Most Popular Choices for Princess Cut Diamonds in Texas

Shira Diamonds has become the largest wholesale diamond dealer and custom wedding band designer in the Texas area. This is due largely to the fact that they carry such a wide selection of diamond choices. They are becoming especially well known for the big selection of princess diamonds in Texas that they offer. These are a newer style diamond cut that has become one of the top choices for those looking buy engagement rings because of their unique look and the versatility that it offers.

A representative of the company says, “One of the reasons that so many are now coming to us for engagement rings and the other types of jewelry that we offer is because of the large selection of diamond choices that we have. We also sell many of these at what most people would consider being wholesale pricing. People who are looking for princess cut diamonds, in particular, make sure that they stop in and see us. They do this because they realize that nobody in the Dallas area carries a better selection of these popular specialty diamond cuts than we do.”

The company representative went on to talk more about the princess cut diamonds that they offer. It was noted that they are a cut that actually has no royal roots and this diamond cut was first done in the 1960s. In that short amount of time, it has become second in popularity only to round-cut diamonds when it comes to engagement rings. He says their versatility comes from the fact that they are either square or rectangular diamond cuts. This makes them look equally impressive in rings or other types of jewelry. They also look as good when put in a setting alone as they do when many of them are placed in the center of a ring to give the appearance of being one large diamond. It’s a diamond choice that is also perfect for those that want an engagement ring with a three-stone diamond setting. The princess diamonds that the company sells can be purchased loosely, sold to be installed in a custom piece of jewelry, or bought already in a ring or another jewelry piece. The most popular Princess diamond cuts that they offer feature either 58 or 76 facets.

Those who are not convinced a princess cut is the right diamond choice for them also have many other choices at Shira Diamonds. He says this includes the previously mentioned round cut and marquis cut diamonds. Other popular diamond cuts that they offer include oval, pear, radiant, heart, GIA, and emerald shape cuts. For a more affordable diamond option, this company even offers incredible-looking lab-created diamond choices. All of their diamonds can also be purchased loosely or already set in a ring or another piece of jewelry. According to the company representative, they only carry the highest quality diamonds. They can do this because they will only purchase diamonds from such reputable mines as those run by Debeers and Alrosa. These are names that are synonymous with diamond quality. He also mentioned that they offer some of the most competitive prices in the Dallas area when it comes to the loose diamonds that they sell. They are even willing to back this up with the best price guarantee. The company representative also talked about how their diamonds not only look good but they make a good investment too. Precious gems such as diamonds very rarely lose much value over time, so they make a relatively safe investment.

The company representative also acknowledged that they realize that many people are being extra cautious these days with the virus still spreading in the Dallas area. That’s why they are giving people two ways in which to see the diamonds that they offer. This includes both in-person and virtual consultations. He says this way their customers can still see firsthand the diamonds that they have to offer according to their level of comfort. Those who are looking to get an in-person consultation will be expected to wear a mask and their staff will practice proper social distancing and as always, the showroom will be kept exceptionally clean and sanitized.

Those that would like more information on this TX diamond wholesale seller of diamonds can contact them by phone, email, or they can refer to their website.


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