Shipping Store in Warrington, FL Explains the Reintroduction of a Bill that Could Affect the USPS

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Warrington, Fla. – Following a slew of heat-related illnesses that numerous mail carriers experienced, an announcement was made, stating that the Peggy Memorial Act is going to be reintroduced. Warrington Business Center, a USPS shipping center, explains the details surrounding this announcement.

The Peggy Frank Memorial Act was a bill introduced in 2019 after a 63-year-old mail carrier died inside her truck in Woodland Hills. Temperatures were particularly high at the time, reaching 117 degrees, and the departed North Hills resident was found to have died from hyperthermia, meaning her body was above a healthy, normal temperature. Two other factors that were likely significant in causing her death were heart disease and obesity.

Congress, Rep. Tony Cardenas was the individual who reintroduced the bill, explaining that if the woman’s truck would have had air conditioning and other resources, her death could have been prevented.

Cardenas states: “We can’t bring her back, but we can do everything we can to protect the men and women who keep us connected by delivering letters, packages, prescriptions and so much more. It’s time to bring their vehicles to the 21st century by including climate controls that will protect them from extreme temperatures. We owe it to Peggy, her family and all postal workers to make sure civil servants stay healthy and safe. It’s the bare minimum.”

If the bill is passed, all USPS vehicles will need to have air conditioning installed within three years’ time. This will be a big, yet important task, as around 70 percent of the USPS vehicles do not contain air conditioning.

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