Shipping Store in Denton, TX Shares Announcement of UPS Truck Updates

Denton, Texas – As countries around the world collectively look to reduce their carbon footprint, many companies have updated the way they do business. From paperless billing to digital intake information forms, Pack N Mail, a shipping store in Denton, TX is sharing how one of the largest shipping carriers is joining this trend.

At the beginning of the month, United Parcel Service, better known as UPS, announced their partnership with an electric vehicle startup company, Arrival. As a Britain-based company, Arrival will work closely with UPS to build a fleet of 10,000 electric vehicles in their U.S. headquarters and micro-factory in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has already committed to an investment of more than $41 million but has no plans to stop there.

“We’re partnering with the city of Charlotte to produce a whole transportation ecosystem together,” President of the company Avinash Rugoobur said in an interview with Mad Money. “When you look at the global scale that needs to shift to being electric, we expect to have micro-factories all around the world.”

The build-out of the facility is expected to generate almost 1,000 jobs in the Charlotte area. Arrival expects the new UPS electric vehicles to hit the streets over the next four years.

Recently, the United States Postal Service shared their own announcement of a 10-year plan to replace their delivery fleet with a new line of Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDVs) that will feature low-emission, internal-combustion-engine vehicles, as well as electric powertrains that can be adapted to keep up with continuing advances in the Electric Vehicle technology field. However, it is anticipated that only 10% of the new fleet will be electric.

As a local leader in packing, shipping, and moving supplies in Denton, TX, Pack N Mail looks to the future of parcel delivery with excitement as more and more companies work to improve not only the quality of services provided to their customers but to how those services impact the lives of those customers as well. To stay up to date with the latest trends in the shipping industry, visit Pack N Mail at 624 W University Dr., Denton, TX 76201, or find them online at


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