Sharp Tack Media Launches Real Estate Agent Social Media Services At Affordable Rates

Sharp Tack Media, a digital marketing agency based in Clackamas, Oregon, have recently started doing social media management services for real estate agents. This was an effort made by the company to help real estate agents that have been hit by the pandemic, in hopes to reignite the real estate market in their immediate locality.

“We understand the difficulty that these current times present. That’s why we’ve created packages that start as low as $199 per month. This includes everything a real estate agent could want,” says one Sharp Tack Media representative.

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The company wanted to provide a service that lets real real estate agents focus more on actual real estate work rather on creating and posting content on various social media platforms. While the company was busy working on behind the scenes, real estate agents would have more time establishing their market and defining the scope of their reach, whether that may be in terms of geographical locality or target audience.

“Social media is one of the most powerful tools that one can use to market or promote their service. Utilizing this tool is what we’ll provide real estate agents with our new packages. These can be custom tailored to any social media platform. We’ve built precise and data-driven techniques that will allow real estate agents to have that edge over their competition, especially when it comes to attracting customers.” stated another company representative.

The company made it very clear in its statements that their number one priority will be their customers, real estate agents. The social media services that they released were aimed towards helping local real estate agents drive sales and funnel capital back into the real estate industry, which took a devastating blow because of the recent pandemic.

Packages include a ridiculously low price, which is a small fraction of what most social media management services cost these days. One reason that allowed the company to charge these dirt cheap rates is their in-house social media management teams have streamlined their processes to the point where most of the work has already been done. This is all thanks to the company having more than 15 years of industry experience.

These packages also make use of social media’s greatest strengths: their ability to hyper target a selected demographic, and their ubiquity. This allows their social media managers to target and engage customers who are looking to purchase or rent property using content that appeals to them.

Social media provides plenty of data at a moment’s notice. A social media specialist at Sharp Tack Media said, "The most important factor when a user is comparing and choosing a real estate agent or their listing is whether they felt that they were being cared for. That’s why here at Sharp Tack Media, we always make sure to show our clients that we care for them. It is this exact treatment and respect for the client that we’ll translate into your social media profiles. We’ll create profiles with engaging content as well as great customer support. Our dedicated staff of incredibly hard working and talented professionals will take every step possible to show your clients that you have their best interest in mind. That’s the key to our services, aside from our expertise in the technical aspects of social media management."

The company listed the possible specific services that they will include in their social media management packages as follows: listing management, community engagement, local SEO, local target market research, image optimization, and social media platform integrations. More information about this service can be found on the company webpage at

Looking further into the release, the company promoted their impressive knowledge and understanding of promoting real estate ideals to a great number of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even YouTube.


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