Sharp Tack Media Launches Expanded Facebook Ads Service

Sharp Tack Media, a Portland, Oregon based branding and advertising company, just came out and announced that they will be offering expanded Facebook advertising services. The company also made it clear that the focus of their Facebook ad service will be targeted towards small to medium businesses who want to boost their online presence through comprehensive local marketing campaigns. Their services also include national campaigns for businesses who seek a wider audience.

Business owners who want to take advantage of their services will also get a 30-minute free consultation period with the company's co-founder, Deb Wise. This free advert will help business owners gauge if the company has the right skill set to help business owners achieve their goals. Companies with no experience with running ads on Facebook will benefit from this free consultation greatly.

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"Our goal is to introduce you to one of the most powerful ad running platforms out there that doesn't break the bank. In fact, the Facebook Business Manager feature is completely free and will provide you with a number of unique tools that will help you create, monitor and modify existing ad campaigns on their site. That's why we love working with this tool for preliminary ad campaigns because it's a great beginner's tool that even a business with no experience running ads can take advantage of," says one of Sharp Tack Media's advertising representatives.

With the company's 15 plus years of industry experience, they tout that there is no better web marketing agency out there at this price point. It's no secret that experience is one of the hallmarks of an effective digital marketing agency, and Sharp Tack Media has stated that their lead team members have at least 5 years of hands-on industry experience with making Facebook adverts for small and medium businesses.

The company's new packages include setting up Facebook adverts using Facebook’s Business Manager tool, which lets business owners create and manage their own highly targeted ad campaigns for their customers.

The company also makes use of the latest trends in digital marketing to assess and create new marketing strategies based on data driven analytics.They also employ dynamic targeting for a business’s target audience, especially for local businesses who want a tailored ad campaign to boost their local rankings.

Another Sharp Tack Media representative stated, “Facebook ad running is a different beast from traditional ad running altogether. You need a dedicated team that will monitor and modify your campaign in real time because the platform is much more active and major trend changes can happen instantly. Furthermore, Facebook ads require more hands on techniques such as email marketing, to engage existing and new target customers than other ad running services. This is because there is also significantly more competition on social media platforms such as Facebook.”

The company introduced their Facebook events package also with this new release as they saw the need for businesses to have more engagement with their customers. Facebook events in a new service that they are excited to bring into their repertoire, adding to their wide selection of already effective ad campaign services.

For businesses who struggle with converting their customers at the last stage of the sales funnel, the company also offers their dynamic product ads service which increases the likelihood of customers to return to the business’s profile to make a purchase. This service also minimizes the chances of conversion losses.

Another official statement made by a company designer says, “We’ve seen measurable increases in the national and local sales of all our customers. We like to follow up on clients to see how they’re doing as customer relations is one of our core values.”

The company further went on record and said that they’ve carved their own path in the digital marketing world and that they’ve made it their goal to give clients the best digital marketing service for their money and that this confidence is what made the company decide to offer this brand new service. “If you want to supercharge your ad revenue and online presence on Facebook either on the local or national level, then choose the folks who do this for a living and happen to be great at it, too,” says company co-founder Cody Wise. Interested business owners can learn more about this expanded service at the company’s webpage at


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