Sharp Tack Media Delivers Article To Help Businesses Write Better Blogs

Sharp Tack Media has recently made a push towards helping small businesses grow their audience and expand their outreach. The digital marketing agency has been hard at work producing value-driven blog posts on a number of topics that tackle a wide range of niches under digital marketing and marketing in general. The company is also slated to increase content production later this year.

“The main issue that clients have been coming to Sharp Tack Media for help is that their businesses lack presence. And the most common issue that plagues these businesses is that they don’t have a compelling blog set up. Of course, anyone can write a drab and mundane blog post but it takes an experienced writer with a keen eye for detail and a specific understanding of the business’ niche to create engaging content,” said one of the company’s researchers. The trick, therefore, is finding the right writer and getting them up to speed.

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The company also emphasizes the importance of the informal nature that blogs should be written in. One representative stated that “Blogs are meant to be written in an informal manner. They’re not meant to read like peer-reviewed articles, so keep the jargon and technical language at a readable level. Use personal pronouns such as “you” and “I”. Doing this will add a personal touch to any blog, which readers will absolutely love.” Sharp Tack Media understands that a business’ audience wants to be assured that the person writing the blog is a living and breathing human. Some writers can come off a bit robotic just because they have to pass an article on deadline and not because they’re passionate about what they’re writing about. Readers want to experience a conversation-esque tone when it comes to the blogs that they read. This allows for a personal level of connection and familiarity between the readers and the content provider.

The article is also centered around similar themes of being personable and organic. There are a few paragraphs dedicated to reminding businesses that blogs are not sales pitches, despite what many businesses often do. While business owners certainly can treat their blogs as ways to market to their readers hard, this behavior will ultimately cause the blog to feel like a marketplace rather than a safe avenue where meaningful discussions can occur. A blog should remain pitch-free as much as possible. Imagine having a conversation with someone only for them to suddenly hit you with the old, “You wanna buy something, eh?” This not only ruins the mood, but it also tarnishes the relationship between the two parties causing a rift to form between them. This translates into a business’ readers unsubscribing to its feed. They will also be less likely to check back to the blog even if there is now valuable content on the blog leading to low organic traffic.

Furthermore, the company also wants to remind businesses that want to create a strong blog that being personable isn’t the only thing that is important. Business owners should also remember that relevant and engaging content are also cornerstones for an engaging and thriving blog. An organic writing style won't do any good if the content is ill-planned and under-researched. It’s as if they’re going to bring the biggest gun without loading it with bullets. Business owners should invest in writers that know their specific niche and will have no problem writing about any topics that the business needs. Understanding and mastering these points are 2 of the most important steps business owners can take for them to create captivating and effective blogs. The company hopes that businesses will use these tips to grow and nurture their blog so that people can benefit from the knowledge for years to come.


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