Shadow Mountain Recovery Taos Examines the Link Between Isolation and Alcohol Use Disorder

Shadow Mountain Recovery Taos, an addiction recovery facility in Taos, NM, has recently published a blog post that explores the connection between isolation and alcohol use disorder. The pandemic has been a primary contributing factor to a rise in alcohol use because of increased isolation and loneliness. The loneliness that was felt by 36 percent of Americans in 2020 triggered feelings of sadness, anxiety, and despair, which caused many to self-medicate with drinking alcohol, which has the potential to become an alcohol addiction. Shadow Mountain Recovery Taos, an addiction recovery facility in Taos, NM, has recently published a blog post that explores the connection between isolation and alcohol use disorder.

Social connection is essential because it helps protect a person’s emotional well-being. Thus, being connected can help regulate emotions, reduce anxiety and depression, and even have higher self-esteem. Unfortunately, making this social connection can be difficult during the pandemic, particularly for those who reside in New Mexico’s rural areas common.

A study from Stanford University indicated that the lack of social connection is a greater risk to human health than high blood pressure, obesity, and even smoking. In contrast, improved social connection results in a strengthened immune system, a 50 percent increase in the chance of living longer, and faster recovery from illness.

The article points out that an individual will need to find the right people to turn such as: family, friends, and religious groups. Shadow Mountain Recovery may also help with alcohol use disorder treatment. One vital form of treatment that can help with loneliness is group therapy. This kind of therapy can help in reducing the stigma of addiction. Many patients have reported that group therapy proved to be more helpful than they thought it would. Participants in group therapy can offer help with the various challenges that other participants might be going through while undergoing recovery while still each other accountable.

Group therapy also demonstrates to clients that alcohol addiction is common. Listening to other people going through the same addiction and having the same feelings of loneliness can put things in proper perspective for clients. And it can also help in the development of interpersonal skills. Group therapy also shows that addiction can affect people in various ways and can affect people from all backgrounds.

Most of all, group therapy can help in relieving loneliness while providing a safe space for the participants. Those who participate in group therapy are united in having the same goal of attaining recovery. This can help clients to build relationships and to feel more comfortable.

Shadow Mountain Recovery can also help through participation in alumni groups. Clients are allowed to participate in alumni groups, which can help people struggling with addiction and may also help in preventing relapse. These groups can be beneficial because they continue the situation where like-minded people can be together and also help others who are in the position they were in before.

Established in 2006, Shadow Mountain Recovery provides a continuum of care and programming for each level of addiction treatment and support. They offer a well-balanced treatment experience for patients struggling with an addiction. The treatment programs they provide are intended to nourish the spirit and enable the patients to establish new life patterns through effective therapeutic resources that integrate the 12 Step recovery method and participating in recreational and physical activities that allow the patients to express themselves. It is important to note that they consider their clients as people who don’t just require help for their addiction but also for their medical and mental issues in order to attain recovery.

Those interested in learning more about the addiction treatment programs offered by Shadow Mountain Recovery Taos can check out their website or contact them on the telephone or through email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, any day of the week.


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