Shadow Mountain Recovery’s New Ownership Marks Their Next Step in Recovery Services

Taos, New Mexico: Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers has recently been acquired by Integrative Life Network, a Tennessee-based center that specializes in trauma-focused care.

“ILN is committed to providing the best trauma-focused care, and this partnership with Shadow Mountain will enable us to expand our services,” Christi Cessna, CEO of Integrative Life Network, said in the release. “With the natural landscape of the Southwest, it is a spiritual healing environment where clients can safely explore patterns that no longer serve them to find lasting recovery.”

Shadow Mountain Recovery launched in 2006 and currently operates in four cities in New Mexico. Each location has its own specialty in addition to normal care. For example, Santa Fe offers women’s residential services while Taos offers men’s residential services. They also have locations in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. Overall, they offer every step of the recovery process, from detox to outpatient.

Integrative Life Network got its start back in 2018, though the initial location of Integrative Life Centers was founded in 2010. Prior to acquiring Shadow Mountain Recovery, the network consisted of three facilities - Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN, and two locations in Boulder, CO, The Begin Again Institute, and Boulder Recovery. Their treatment centers and programs work to help those who manage trauma, mental illness, eating disorders, substance use, sex addiction, and intimacy disorders.

“ILC has noticeably grown during the last year with the addition of new service lines and an influx of patients seeking their care,” said Cessna upon joining the company back in 2019. “Their tailored programs aim to treat the whole person and improve outcomes for those suffering from multiple disorders. Our efforts moving forward will be focused on connecting with those in need of our care throughout the region and around the country.”

Shadow Mountain Recovery has always focused on treating the whole person and ensuring that clients received the care that worked best for their needs. With goals aligned, this new ownership is a small stamp in the timeline of continued care for New Mexico and its surrounding communities.

As always, Shadow Mountain Recovery will continue to offer high-quality care services for its clients. Their recovery centers are focused on providing safe and effective treatment methods for people managing substance use disorders, with and without co-occurring mental health disorders. They can provide the appropriate programming for every level of addiction treatment and later on, offer ongoing support for the affected person. Their well-rounded therapy solution has allowed people to come up with new life patterns by using effective therapeutic approaches combined with the philosophy of the 12-step recovery method.

Those who are interested in knowing more about heroin addiction treatment and other related services can visit the Shadow Mountain Recovery Intensive Outpatient Center website or contact them via phone or email. They are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


For more information about Shadow Mountain Recovery Taos, contact the company here:

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