Shadow Mountain Recovery Is Inviting Those Afflicted With Alcohol Addiction To Explore Its Outpatient and IOP Services

Shadow Mountain Recovery, an outpatient and drug rehab center with locations in Albuquerque, Ripple Ranch, Taos, Santa Fe, and Rio Rancho, is inviting those suffering from alcohol addiction to visit its facilities and enroll in its outpatient and IOP programs.

Outpatient treatment programs allow anyone who needs help battling their alcohol or other drug addictions to schedule an appointment with a counselor without staying overnight or for extended periods of time. These programs allow the person suffering from addiction to take charge of their own treatment and carry it out on a timeline suitable for them. The outpatient treatment allows for regular check-ins without disrupting the life of the patient. This freedom and flexibility are particularly enticing for those who have to juggle multiple familial and professional responsibilities while getting the help they need.

Albuquerque Facility

There are multiple reasons why one might turn to the bottle or other substances for support. Whether it is childhood abuse, coping with the loss of a loved one, dealing with societal stress, numbing the pain of mental illness, or the need for escapism, there are many starting points that can lead one down the dark path of substance addiction. Shadow Mountain Recovery rehabilitation center is willing and available to listen to those fighting addictions or even the family members and loved ones who want to intervene on someone’s behalf. The center says that it realizes that everyone’s battle is unique and everyone needs and deserves personalized attention to make a breakthrough.

The center says that it is difficult to fight this battle alone and those who are addicted should reach out to professionals who have experience of dealing with individuals on a case by case basis. Seeking out help is also the first step in fighting addiction because it signifies the acceptance of the problem and the desire to make a change. Fighting addiction is a Herculean task, and without self-initiative it is difficult to make progress. Even after significant progress, there is a chance that someone might relapse into the same patterns as before after completing the program. Therefore, it becomes a recurring struggle to stay off the substances once the person quits for the first time.

Outpatient rehab is a great starting point for making headway into one’s problems. It is just the tip of the iceberg, and it takes a qualified clinician to understand the patient’s situation and craft a recovery program for them. The initial assessment at Shadow Mountain Recovery takes around an hour and helps determine what level of care is best suited for the person. The clinician will then determine the best line of treatment for optimum results.

One possible treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It is commonly used and proves effective in many situations. The crux of the treatment is to help the patient learn and unlearn specific behaviors. The treatment involves helpful guidance in making changes to habits that can bring about a change in the life of the person dealing with addiction. CBT identifies negative thoughts that are the root cause of the addictive behaviors. The treatment might involve psychiatric evaluations with master’s-level clinicians.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is often used in conjunction with other methods that drive a faster recovery. This constitutes the center’s holistic treatments, which use a combination of techniques rather than just a physical detox or another singularly focused program. Some therapy techniques offered by Shadow Mountain Recovery include fitness therapy, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and equine therapy. A goal of the holistic treatments is to allow the patients to find out more about themselves as they introspect on ways that the substance use affected them, physically and mentally. The treatment seeks to challenge a patient’s thought processes and teaches them to look at themselves in an entirely new way. It allows patients to create a positive self-image, which is one of the strongest indicators for possible future recovery.

The center’s San Antonio, Texas office can be reached at the phone number (855) 239-7117 for inquires.


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