Shadow Mountain Recovery Explains Meth Side Effects

Shadow Mountain Recovery Taos, an addiction recovery center in Taos, NM, has recently published a blog post that explains the side effects of meth. Methamphetamine or meth can easily be produced, which is why it is frequently misused in New Mexico and in the entire country. However, it is important to note that meth use has several unwanted side effects, such as having a negative impact on the individual’s appearance and damage to the organs, such as the lungs and the heart.

Since meth is a stimulant, it provides the person using it with a boost in energy and stamina. Thus, in the short term, meth provides a boost of energy but it causes a reduction in the appetite of the user. Furthermore, in the short term, the individual will experience a faster and often irregular heartbeat, and the body temperature may increase, along with blood pressure.

It is important to note that the short-term stimulating effects of meth are not worth the undesirable long-term side effects. These include severe dental problems; significant weight loss; intense itching leading to sores caused by scratching; anxiety; memory loss; confusion; paranoia; violent behavior; and hallucinations. In addition to these long-term effects, those who use needles to enter meth into their bodies are at much higher risk of blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis B or HIV. Those who use needles to inject meth into their bodies should know about the needle exchange programs in their area. These programs provide people with fresh needles as a way to prevent the spread of such diseases. While these programs don’t treat the addiction, they may keep people alive and free from other serious health issues until they are ready to enter an addiction recovery program.

Meth affects both the mind and body because the “powerful rush” of dopamine due to meth use is what the person craves. Over time, the individual develops a tolerance to the drug and will have to increase the dosage to achieve the same amount of “rush” they have previously experienced. Meth causes serious effects on mental health, resulting in confusion, anxiety, and difficulty in sleeping. Furthermore, over time the meth user may develop paranoia and begin to see things that are not actually present.

Meth psychosis is a common effect of meth use. This is a mental health condition where the individual’s perception of reality has become distorted, making it very hard to distinguish what is real or not. This causes them to believe things that are not true, see and hear things that are not real, and struggle to keep their relationships with other people. According to a 2018 review of studies in the Psychiatry Research journal, about 36.5 percent of meth users developed psychosis. Symptoms of meth psychosis include hallucinations; paranoia; agitation; speaking fast; having conversations that are difficult for others to understand; changing topics rapidly in conversations; beliefs that are not rooted in reality; and itchy skin that feels like bugs are crawling on the person.

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