Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers Share the Signs of Alcoholism

Albuquerque, New Mexico: The Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers team wants to provide education on the specifics of alcohol use disorder, the clinical term for alcoholism. To do this, they recently published an article titled “Signs of Alcoholism.” Knowing the signs of alcohol use disorder will give readers the information they need to understand if they should reduce or end their alcohol use. In addition, the article includes information to determine if pursuing treatment for alcohol use disorder is necessary.

Alcohol use disorder is a condition where a person can not easily end or reduce their alcohol use despite serious negative consequences associated with their alcohol use. A person with alcohol use disorder can recover but sometimes needs assistance from trained professionals who can provide evidence-based treatment options for the person seeking recovery. A few of the most common signs that a person may need to seek treatment for alcohol use disorder are prioritizing alcohol use over important obligations, continuing alcohol use even when it causes a negative impact, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when unable to consume alcohol.

The article discusses more common indicators that can serve as warning signs. For example, if the people who knows someone best, such as family members and friends, are commenting on one's drinking, it is a good idea to listen and consider what they have to say. Similarly, if one consistently drinks more than initially planned, one could be developing alcohol use disorder. In addition, experiencing blackouts or periods one can not remember due to alcohol use indicates that a person should address their drinking habits. Finally, if one experiences withdrawal symptoms when one cannot drink, one should take steps to manage one's alcohol use as soon as possible.

Long-term alcohol use disorder has many consequences for a person’s mental and physical health. Over time, alcohol use can contribute to the development of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. This happens because of the way alcohol affects the brain’s neurotransmitters. Alcohol use disorder can also negatively affect a person’s organs, causing issues such as liver disease, enlarged heart, bone loss, and stroke.

Shadow Mountain Recovery Center offers individualized treatment options to address the root causes of illicit drinking. Most people who seek treatment for alcohol use disorder eventually recover, making the professionals at Shadow Mountain confident in their ability to provide quality treatment

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