Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers Release Fentanyl Overdose Information

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers recently published the article “Fentanyl Overdose” to save lives through education. Two out of three overdose deaths in New Mexico involve fentanyl use. Because of this, a person can save lives by understanding the signs of a fentanyl overdose and knowing what to do if someone is experiencing an overdose.

In the article, Shadow Mountain defines fentanyl overdose as “when a person takes enough fentanyl to produce life-threatening symptoms.” Because fentanyl affects every person differently, there is no way to know how much will lead to an overdose. This amount is affected by factors such as a person’s size, overall health, and how long they have been using fentanyl.

Those who have never witnessed a fentanyl overdose may be unfamiliar with what they look like. Someone experiencing a fentanyl overdose will become very sleepy and difficult to wake up. Their breathing will become slow and shallow. It is common for someone to pass out during an overdose, and their body will often become limp. Their pulse will slow, and their face will become pale. Due to a lack of oxygen, a person’s fingertips or lips may turn blue or purple.

There are a few steps used to treat someone who is experiencing an overdose. The first step is to call 911. After this, it is appropriate to administer the medication Naloxone, also called Narcan. This medication will reverse the effects of an overdose and not harm someone who is not using fentanyl. Individuals can obtain Naloxone at New Mexico pharmacies at no cost. If no Naloxone is available, someone trained in CPR can administer help until paramedics arrive. Thanks to Good Samaritan Laws, someone who reports an overdose is safe from prosecution for possessing a similar substance, so do not be afraid of punishment when reaching out for help.

Individuals needing help overcoming fentanyl use can consider treatment at Shadow Mountain Recovery Center- Santa Fe. They offer individualized treatment options that help people find healing. In addition, their detox program can help those seeking recovery overcome the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms after ending fentanyl use. Shadow Mountain also features inpatient and outpatient care to suit the needs of their patients.

About Shadow Mountain Recovery Center: Shadow Mountain Recovery Center has locations in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and Taos, New Mexico. Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers offer treatment for substance use and mental health conditions. Shadow Mountain offers a medical detox program and inpatient and outpatient treatment options designed to help patients achieve mental wellness and recovery.


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