Shadow Mountain Opens New Facility In Santa Fe, New Mexico

San Antonio, Texas - Shadow Mountain Recovery recently opened a new treatment facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“A lot of careful planning and dedication has gone into opening these doors,” said Christi Warner, the Director of Clinical Outreach for New Mexico. “Shadow Mountain Recovery has already worked closely with the Santa Fe City Council to construct a brand-new paved road leading to the facility. This will make it easier for everyone to access and [to treat] more and more of those in need.”

Santa Fe Location

The new facility joins two others in that state, one in Taos and the other in Albuquerque. It is similarly situated in a breathtaking landscape. Shadow Mountain Recovery can now continue to focus on offering alternatives to 12-step programming. All treatments offered at the four locations are evidence-based and are therefore supported by science and research.

Shadow Mountain Recovery offers treatment for every step in addiction and mental health disorder recovery. The Ripple Ranch location in Texas and the Taos, New Mexico facility offer a full continuum of care, from inpatient to outpatient, and each possible step in between. The Albuquerque, New Mexico facility is an intensive outpatient (IOP) center for clients in need of part-time treatment while continuing to work and sleep at home.

“We really look forward to bringing treatment and recovery to more and more people thanks to our new facility here in Santa Fe,” Warner said. Shadow Mountain Recovery already offers comprehensive care to those in need in New Mexico and Texas, and by adding another facility in New Mexico the benefits and treatment options are extended even further.

Inpatient treatment at Shadow Mountain Recovery may include detoxification (detox), which is completed in a medically supervised environment where clients are monitored 24/7. Studies have shown strong results for avoiding relapse when medically supervised detox is partnered with evidence-based therapies. Shadow Mountain Recovery utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), both of which focus on a client’s mental and emotional well-being, as well as their actions.

Although Shadow Mountain Recovery focuses on offering alternatives to 12-step programs, it is also possible there may be clients who excel in that format. This is why 12-step programs are available for any client who would find success recovering from addiction in that setting. Each client is individually assessed to tailor the treatments to the struggles they are having, rather than attempting to treat each client with identical modalities.

Similarly, this is why Shadow Mountain Recovery also utilizes the Albuquerque location as an intensive outpatient program (IOP) facility. Outpatient treatment allows clients to visit the facility on a part-time basis and return home, whereas inpatient recovery includes staying at the facility overnight for extended periods. Both have their benefits, and a client may in fact transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment, depending on all recovery factors.

For more information on Shadow Mountain Recovery and the Santa Fe location specifically, please visit the Shadow Mountain Recovery website. Someone is always available to discuss possible treatment or to answer questions via phone.


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