Services that Toledo Tutor Offers Nicely Fills in Learning Gaps Created by the Ongoing Pandemic

Huntington Learning Center of Holland, a Toledo area educational enhancement facility, realizes that its services have an important role to play during the ongoing pandemic. These services help fill in the big gaps in learning that have been created because of the impact the virus has had on classroom learning. They are especially important for both gifted students who need to be challenged more and underachievers with the potential to do better if they get extra help. This learning center has a proven track record of doing both of these educational tasks. They are also a tutoring facility that has had great success helping young learners’ prep for the critical ACT and SAT exams. Their staff includes many accredited and accomplished teachers from all parts of the Greater Toledo area and they offer both in-person and online learning help. More background information on this reputable learning center can found on their website at

Steven Feldman, a representative of the Holland Huntington Learning Center informs that they have been providing their educational enhancement services to those in the Toledo, Ohio area since 2006. He feels that their learning services work because they are very aware that learning assistance is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. That’s why the center tailors their learning services to meet the educational needs of each student that seeks help from. The company representative stated that there is perhaps a no better example of this than how they assist high-level learners. Feldman says, “If you're a parent of a high-achieving student who learns quickly and becomes bored easily, you might often worry is my child learning enough. Such parents should consider extending their children's learning through supplemental activities such as tutoring. Our tutoring services are designed to offer high achievers opportunities to maximize their potential and expand their skillsets.”

Evidence that the approach that they take with gifted learners works comes in the form of a 5-star review taken from this learning center’s Google Maps Business Listing. Mamon Maiteh wrote, “Amazing educational experience for my daughter. The owner put a lot of effort into helping to improve my daughter’s academic standing. She achieved both a high score on her ACT and raised her GPA. This led to my daughter getting accepted into her dream college. We are so grateful for Huntington Learning Center. We highly recommend this center.” Other glowing reviews can also be seen on this learning center’s Facebook Page.

Parents of young learners struggling to keep up also agree that this learning center’s individually tailored educational enhancement services work. Chef Orange stated, “I brought my daughter to Huntington because she struggled with reading. With school closed because of Covid, I had the opportunity to work with her at home. If there is a silver lining to this virus, it's that I got to see how much she struggled. I am now taking her to Huntington and while we still have gaps to fill, the process is working. I see improvement and my daughter is more confident. I am excited to see her progress continue!”

The school is also very experienced and uses proven methods when helping its students prep for SAT, ACT, and other important college entrance tests. Feldman says, “All of our students work directly with a highly qualified teacher to focus on their strengths and weaknesses and ensure that they're confident and ready for the test day. Our instructor-led online SAT and ACT prep programs are customized according to each student's goals and ability. They also offer increased flexibility around a student’s school and home schedules.” He went on to say that they currently are offering two different programs to help with a student’s test preparation. This includes a more comprehensive 32-hour program that prepares a student across all subject areas and a 14-hour program which includes intensive practice in just one subject area.

Feldman also offered up this useful learning tip for parents, “Talk with your child's teachers. They are the best resources for ideas on how you can guide your children to unlock their highest learning potential. This year more than ever, it’s essential to form a partnership with your school so your child’s learning extends beyond that of just the classroom environment.”

The center welcomes those who would like to know more about their tutoring and other services to visit their website or to stop into their Holland learning center in person and talk to a school representative in person. Feldman mentioned, “Directions to our office can be seen on the embedded Google Map on our website's homepage.”


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