SEO Expert Contributes To WPX Word Press Hosting Reviews

IL based Chicago Website Design SEO Company has published a comprehensive review of WordPress host WPX Hosting. It is recommended that businesses with WordPress sites take a look at the new review of WPX hosting by SEO expert Jack Lombardi if they are looking for a host that will meet all their business’ needs.

Lombardi begins the review by noting that a multitude of reviews are available for WPX Hosting. Since he wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the conversation, he drew on his knowledge and background as an SEO expert. Lombardi is familiar with the toll a poor or inadequate host can have on a website’s search engine rankings, particularly on Google, and he wishes to help businesses find an alternative that works for them. Recently, he came to the decision that WPX Hosting may be what most businesses need, and his review serves to illustrate how he came to this conclusion.

“In my WPX hosting review,” he says, “we will look at what WPX WordPress hosting service has to offer, my experience with their customer support and if WPX hosting lives up to all the hype. If you are thinking about WPX hosting for a new website or want to upgrade your current hosting to WPX hosting, my review should help point out the pros and cons you need.” He also points out that WPX Hosting was itself created by an SEO expert, Terry Kyle, so it was designed from the ground up to give websites as much of an advantage as possible with search engine algorithms.

While there are a number of factors that can contribute to a website’s search results rankings, speed is universally agreed to be among the most prominent. A web page that takes too long to load diminishes the user experience, so search engines will typically favor those that are built to load faster. According to Lombardi, WPX Hosting was created to deliver fast speeds, and his own tests prove the platform has largely succeeded. A website should also be fast because users have a tendency to click away if a page does not load quickly enough. Should a website somehow manage to rank high enough to attract visitors, it would still not retain any meaningful engagement because they are more likely to leave if it is slow to respond.

Lombardi says, “According to some studies, and my own experience, when a site takes 3 seconds or longer to load, chances are that about 57% of the visitors will move on to another relevant website. About 80% of these will not come back to your website and 50% of these will probably tell other people about their not so good experience.”

There are other factors to consider as well when looking for WordPress hosting services. For instance, some may feel that it is inadvisable to consider WPX Hosting because they already have a WordPress host, even if it is slow or otherwise does not fulfill their requirements. They may also be wary of migration costs. Fortunately, they are free to consider WPX Hosting on its merits alone because the team at WPX Hosting is willing to handle the whole process — for free. Lombardi notes that this offer also extends to the migration of all emails associated with the site.

Once their website is onboard with WPX Hosting, a business will discover even more advantages. He further says, “As part of the services I get from WPX Hosting, there are daily website backups. The storage is on a separate server to make sure that whatever is backed up is safe, and stays there for 14 days. If something happens, and it does happen sometimes, the retrieval of backed up files is free. It is also a good idea that you arrange your own backup solutions for extra security.”

Lombardi’s article goes into more detail further on, and all are welcome to have a look if they are looking for new hosting services or are simply curious about the company. Interested parties are also welcome to contact Jack Lombardi of Chicago Website Design SEO Company if they have any other questions regarding website hosting, SEO and so on.


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