SEO Agency Digital Burst Offering Low-Cost SEO Packages to Australian Businesses Amid Lockdowns

Chatswood, Australia: Digital Burst, a digital marketing company based in Sydney, Australia, is taking the initiative to promote local business with an affordable approach to search engine optimization (SEO). The company has launched an low-cost one-off service for Australian local businesses suffering amid the current lockdowns.

Stefan Novic, consultant at Digital Burst, has said that small businesses are in dire need of assistance when it comes to digital marketing in the current circumstances. Moreover, their expertise in digital marketing is very limited, and so is their budget to hire. "Businesses are feeling the crunch amid these lockdowns. Many of them have heard that digital marketing takes months and a lot of capital - which simply isn't true - so we've launched this new service as an affordable option to get them more revenue."

Stefan Novic, digital marketing consultant at Digital Burst

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an aspect of online marketing that improves a businesses ranking in organic search results. Studies show that consumers tend to trust the businesses listed in organic search results far more than they do advertisements, which is the kind of authority that every local brand should be looking to exploit.

"One targeted SEO campaign may be all your website needs to achieve steady organic growth – especially if your budget is small and you’re not ready for massive expansion," said Stefan. "This approach sets strong foundations for a positive user experience and gradually builds your online presence – without overwhelming your resources with a rapid surge in consumer demand."

Ekta Singh concurs with Stefans remarks: "It is very important to have the best techniques in position. And numerous businesses do not have the spending plans to enter for a long-lasting SEO approach," she said on her blog.

Local businesses around Australia that would like more information on the digital marketing services that Digital Burst has to offer can refer to the company’s website or this Google business information page at


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