Sentier Therapist Tana Welter Offers Advice on How to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder This Winter on Local News Channel KSTP-TV

Tana Welter, a therapist from a psychotherapy clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been featured on a local news TV where she gave advice on how people can beat seasonal affective disorder or the “winter blues” this coming winter in the midst of the pandemic. It has been observed that more people have been affected by the “winter blues” this year. It appears that many people are feeling exhausted and worn out because of the coronavirus pandemic and isolation.

Tana Welter has observed that many people seem to be dealing with a lot on their plate, especially with the elections coming in November. Students have not been able to join other students because of the home-schooling. And people who are not able to see more family members are feeling a bit sad. Furthermore, that are a lot of unknowns, which make people anxious. Tana suggests that people try to give themselves some space and try to connect with other people through online board games, Zoom gatherings, and other similar activities.

Tana Welter

For children, Tana suggests a safe bubble or some kind of little pod where a few families in their neighborhood get together with people they trust and feel safe with, while practicing social distancing. Adults may want to go to the gym while also practicing social distancing and proper hygiene. Or they can participate in online classes, or just take a walk. Getting some sunlight and taking vitamin D and other some supplements may also help in enhancing a person’s mood.

Tana Welter is one of the therapists at Sentier Psychotherapy, a clinic in St. Paul that is committed to helping people and communities through therapy, advocacy, counseling, integrative services, community events, and education.

Tana says, “I believe my clients are experts on themselves and that they have within them the ability to grow, change, and thrive in a safe setting. I work to uphold all clients' worth as unique people, and I believe at the core of every human is a longing to be known and valued. It is an honor and a privilege to be allowed into this space with clients.”

Tana’s clinical experience includes: adolescent and teen therapy, attachment, depression, anxiety, domestic abuse, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy, dialectal behavior therapy, family therapy, group therapy, emotion regulation, mindfulness, self-harm, involuntary clients (court-ordered, offenders, teenagers on probation), suicidal ideation, trauma, spirituality, and transition and adjustment.

Sentier Psychotherapy offers various kinds of counseling and therapy. These include child therapy, family therapy, teen counseling, therapy for parents of teens, group counseling, couples counseling, and individual counseling.

Child therapy is for children who have been experiencing sadness, grief, anxiety, depression, and other issues. Therapists engage with these children through play because it is how kids can best communicate, relate with others, and integrate their experiences. Play therapy is usually 50 minutes long and is done once a week.

Family therapy is often used to address issues within a relationship or within a family dynamic. There are a number of potential reasons for taking part in family therapy. These include: the effects of aging on family; the effects of addiction on the family; anger management/conflict resolution; blended and stepfamily challenges; caregiving issues; co-parenting, single parenting and visitation; cultural and multicultural issues; divorce; families of the chronically mentally ill; family challenges with children with developmental variations or physical limitations; families with children and adolescents/teens and all of the complexities involved in parenting; job loss or retirement; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) issues; life stage transitions - birth of a child, separation, divorce or remarriage; loss & grief; parent-child relationships throughout the life course; parenting for individuals with past trauma; single parent/teen conflict; and stress from illness, disability, or death.

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