Senior Care Center1 Sheds Light On The True Cost Of Assisted Living

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Assisted living is common as many seniors no longer have the capability to live with complete independence. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as physical and neurological health issues that raise the difficulty of doing everyday tasks. As people get older, they may have to be prepared to make the transition to assisted living. Senior Care Center1 is a free online resource dedicated to help make that transition a lot easier.

One of the biggest and most common concerns that people have about assisted living is its true cost. Assisted living has monthly and annual expenses associated with it. These expenses vary depending on several factors, including location, duration of stay and amount of care needed. It is important for an individual (or their families) to factor these costs in while they are planning for their eventual transition to assisted living. They may choose to save money up and study about available programs that can help them cover some of the costs.

One of the biggest factors that affect the costs of assisted living is the facility’s location. In general, services are more expensive in places with higher costs of living. For example, assisted living is more affordable in smaller states, such as Alabama, than in areas like San Francisco and Manhattan. The five most expensive states for assisted living ranked from least to most expensive are Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Alaska and Delaware. Assisted living in these states costs an average of around $69,000 per year. People can spend an average of $72,180 per year for assisted living in Delaware. Meanwhile, assisted living costs about $61,860 annually in Rhode Island.

On the other hand, the five cheapest states for assisted living ranked from least to most affordable are North Dakota, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia and Missouri. The average cost of assisted living in these states is around $34,000. Assisted living in North Dakota costs an average of $36,216, while it costs around $32,400 annually in Missouri. Those interested may find out more about the average assisted living costs in various states on the Senior Care Center1 website.

The numbers show that assisted living costs a little over $30,000 at the low end and more than $70,000 at the higher end. They can also go up over time due to inflation. Knowing about these expenses can help people make better decisions on where they would carry out their assisted living. They can choose to live in a cheaper state to cut costs down, but it is also usually worth paying more money in order to stay closer to family and loved ones.

Fortunately, there are several resources available for people who cannot cover the costs of assisted living on their own. They may go for long term care insurance, which is a special kind of insurance that helps people pay for the costs of assisted living. Some are also eligible for Medicaid benefits, and there are also some states that offer Medicaid waiver programs. Another option that is open for military veterans is asking for benefits from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, which helps cover assisted living costs for them and their spouses.

Those looking for the best assisted living facilities in the US may avail themselves of the free services offered by Senior Care Center1. They are a trusted senior placement agency which understands the difficulty of watching family members grow old. They know just how hard and stressful it is to look for the right assisted living home without the proper support and assistance. Because of this, they provide free senior care advisor services dedicated to helping people find the best assisted living homes near them. Families can talk to the senior care advisors at Senior Care Center1 in order to get advice and guidance when choosing an assisted living facility for their loved ones.

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