Senior Care Center1 Shares Information About Social Security

US based Senior Care Center1, a senior placement agency that boasts a network of assisted living facilities across the United States, is reaching out to the wider community to share some information about Social Security and SSA benefits. Their full article, which goes into detail on the subject,can be found at the following link:

Casey Ryeback, a representative for Senior Care Center1, says, “Social security and SSA benefits can more often than not be very complicated and hard to understand. While these are critical services that people should take advantage of, many find that they are met with a lot of convoluted information that might not be easy to digest, and are therefore unable to get the social security they deserve. This is why we’ve published an article that helps explain social security in a simple way that anyone can understand, and more importantly, when someone can get social security.”

As the article explains, there are several age thresholds at which someone can begin collecting social security benefits, Starting from age 62 to age 70, each year has different amounts and stipulations. Unfortunately, 62 is the minimum age for collecting social security benefits, and no one can get anything before then. However, if someone finds themselves desperately in need of the money at that point in their life, it can be worth cashing it in to get a much needed boost. Senior Care Center1 asserts that, no matter the age, they are there to help if an individual or family needs certain aspects explained about social security or any other issue. Contact them via email or phone or visit their website for more information.

Senior Care Center1 goes on to explain that there are benefits inherent to waiting as long as one can. The ideal age, according to the senior placement agency, is 70. Whether one needs money urgently or not, the article does recommend learning about the different trade-offs that exist at different age thresholds.

The article breaks down the differences at each threshold. Regarding age 62, the article reads “This is the soonest you can start collecting social security. It’s also a surprisingly popular age to start. One of the reasons for this is that people often worry about the Social Security program, as a whole, going broke and running out of money. The thing is, if you’re 62 now, or will turn 62 within the next couple of years, you’re fine. The concern is about younger people, especially Millennials (~25-40) and Gen Z (today’s kids and teenagers), being able to collect when they’re of age. Nothing will happen within the next few years.”

Senior Care Center1 is quick to emphasize the benefits of waiting as long as one can with two figures. At 67, if one is entitled to $1,500 a month, if they choose to make use of social security at 62, they’ll only get $1,050, which is almost a 30% reduction in benefits. Senior Care Center1 does note that if someone were born between 1943 and 1954 — but not afterward — they can receive full benefits at age 66 instead of 70. For anyone born after 1954, this is not the case. For everyone else, age 70 is the threshold for getting the full benefits.

Ryeback says, “At Senior Care Center1, everything we do is intended to make life as easy as possible for all parties involved, which is why Senior Care Center1 was, is and always will be free. We offer all of our services to you free of cost! Whether it’s with simple matters like figuring out your social security benefits or finding the perfect senior living facility for your loved ones, you can rest assured that you’ll get all the help you need with no expectations.”

Those who want to learn more about Senior Care Center1 and their services are welcome to visit the senior placement agency's website to get started. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Casey Ryeback directly via email or phone for further details. The organization can also be reached through the contact form on their website. Senior Care Center1 maintains a presence on social media where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their community.


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