Senior Care Center1 Shares Home Safety Checklist

US based Senior Care Center1 would like to reach out to the wider public and share information about home safety for the elderly. The organization has long strived to connect communities with appropriate senior care resources for their loved ones, and they regularly take steps to share the benefit of their experience.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a quarter of elderly people suffer a fall each year. However, less than half of them inform their doctor of their fall. Every year, around 3 million seniors also have to be treated in emergency departments as a result of fall related injuries. Seniors who have fallen once also become more prone to falling again. Some people may think that the occurrence of falls is not a serious problem, which is not true. In fact, 20% of falls result in serious injuries, such as head injuries and broken bones. They also cause the vast majority of hip fractures and are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries. Falls can also be very costly. In fact, the total medical costs for fall related incidents in 2015 added up to more than $50 billion.

Most elderly people want to live in their homes as they age instead of opting for assisted living or nursing home care. This allows them not to leave the place that they have grown familiar with. This can also be much less costly compared to assisted living and nursing home care. However, without proper planning, this places them at risk of accidents that include elderly falls and so on. There have to be changes made to an elderly individual’s residence, based on their needs, to ensure safety and comfort.

Fortunately, there are many steps that people can take in the interest of preserving their elderly loved ones’ safety. They can take some time to tidy up the home in question and remove common trip hazards, such as loose clothes and loose shoes. They can also rearrange living spaces and remove extension cords that a senior could trip on. People can also get rid of throw rugs that do not have rubberized backings. These rugs may be good to look at, but they also tend to be slippery. It is also recommended to replace older and less sturdy furniture with more senior-friendly ones. Furthermore, seniors can also purchase non-slip footwear, canes and walkers for additional support. These are only some examples of the actions that people can take for the health and safety of their elderly loved ones.

There are lots of other things that need to be done, however. A comprehensive list of actions that can help ensure home safety for seniors can be found on Senior Care Center1’s website. Senior Care Center1 is a platform dedicated to finding the best in-home care, assisted living care and nursing home care in the US.

Even when home safety has been taken care of, elderly people who choose to live in their homes can still struggle with handling their needs. They may have trouble with simple daily tasks, experience increased loneliness and anxiety and be quite forgetful due to their cognitive decline. In cases like these, people can look for in-home care services and hire caregivers that can help share the burden of their elderly loved ones.

Caregivers can help with transportation, meal preparation, personal care, general housekeeping, companionship and other activities. They can also take care of an elderly individual’s medication and health management. In-home care professionals will have varying levels of medical expertise and experience, but they need to be able to make sure that the senior under their care has their health cared for and properly maintained. Some tasks that they may do include keeping track of daily doses of vitamins and medications and controlling nutrition intake. However, it is important to check a caregiver’s credentials to know what responsibilities they may take on. Only some skilled caregivers are allowed to handle certain tasks, such as handling prescription drugs and giving general health advice. Some states are also stricter than others regarding which caretakers can do which tasks. People should also be careful when selecting caregivers as they will often be wholly responsible for an elderly loved one’s well-being.

Some factors to keep in mind include accountability, character and experience. There are also services (such as personal care agencies, home health agencies and care homes) that can help people who are looking for caregivers. These services can be used to locate and hire caregivers who will have the proper qualification and will be held responsible to an organization that maintains oversight of their activities.

More information can be found on the Senior Care Center1 website. The organization can also be reached through their social media channels.


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