Senior Care Center1: How To Combat Senior Depression

US based Senior Care Center1 would like to reach out to the wider public and share six useful tips for warding off senior depression. They also explore this topic in greater detail on their website, which can be found at

Senior depression refers to the depression felt by people aged 65 and above. According to WebMD, around six million adults in this age group suffer from depression. It is especially common in those who also have other medical conditions and disabilities. Although senior depression is common, it is not a normal part of growing old. Families should be more proactive in looking out for signs of depression in their senior loved ones. Symptoms include feelings of sadness and worthlessness, difficulty with sleeping or concentrating and withdrawing from social activities.

Notably, families should not wait for their elderly loved ones to call out for assistance because those who are experiencing depression may not even know what they are going through. According to a Mental Health America Survey, most people aged 65 and older do not know very much about depression. This may be one of the biggest reasons why older adults are more likely to choose fighting depression on their own. Only 42% of older adults seek professional help for depression.

The good news is that senior depression is not an untreatable condition. There are several ways for people to help their elderly loved ones overcome their depression and come back to living happily and healthily. Senior Care Center1 talks about six particular ways in combating senior depression in a blog post published at

The first way is to encourage senior loved ones to use social media. Some elderly people enjoy browsing through family photos and catching up with old friends on platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. In fact, a survey by the Pew Research Center showed that 57% of people born from 1945-1964 as well as 23% of people born before that time use social media. This can be helpful, as many studies show that using such platforms can help prevent depression. This is especially the case in older adults who are experiencing pain. Families can encourage their elderly loved ones to stay connected with their friends through social media.

The second way is having seniors try the ancient martial art of Tai Chi. Tai Chi helps fight off senior depression due to several reasons. It does not only let older people learn agility, slow movement and body and mind coordination, it also gives seniors a chance to socialize with other people. As they try Tai Chi, seniors build up their core strength, confidence, balance and flexibility. These traits are useful in helping older people alleviate their pain and give them better sleep quality.

The third way that people can do to help their elderly loved ones is understanding the difference between grief and depression. Although both conditions share several common symptoms, they are actually not the same. According to Healthline, grief is a personal feeling of sadness that people may experience due to events such as the loss of a job or a loved one. On the other hand, depression is a constant feeling of sadness that is commonly believed to be caused by a brain chemical imbalance. Family members need to think about their elderly loved one’s situation and consider whether or not they are going through grief or depression. Seniors who have recently experienced a significant loss might be going through grief, while those who are experiencing more persistent pain might be facing senior depression.

Some of the other ways to combat senior depression include defining a purpose, providing plenty of choices and seeking out new friends. Those who want to read the full article may do so by checking it out on Senior Care Center1’s website.

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