Senior Care Center Suggests Upgrades Facility Owners Can Make To Their Assisted Living Facilities

Senior Care Center, an organization that helps senior citizens find assisted living facilities, is encouraging facility owners to make upgrades to their facilities to better serve the elderly living there. It cites the article at to give facility owners an idea of possible upgrades.

There is a lot of responsibility, management, and scheduling involved in the running of an assisted living facility. The elderly living in such facilities are vulnerable to the effects of declining health. This is even more pronounced in facilities such as memory care facilities that house the elderly suffering from degenerative mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. The facility owner has to constantly perform at a level of professionalism and code and conduct that is very demanding to ensure the health and safety of the residents. It is only when they do their due diligence that those living at the facility can experience a sense of ease and belonging. The article suggests certain upgrades that can be made to make the environment safer for the residents of an assisted living facility.

An important upgrade to consider is the alert system. Facility residents can have an emergency at any time of the day. It is necessary to have the infrastructure in place that allows everyone who is going through difficulties to quickly reach the designated orderlies. A lot of problems occur from systems just not being updated often or being antiquated to the point of being non-functional. Apart from the advantage of being able to reach anyone for help when needed, it also adds to the resident’s sense of security. An updated alert system can also take some of the load off the staff if implemented properly. When the alert system is working, the staff can focus on their duties without having to constantly check up on someone who might need help. A functioning alert system, therefore, takes some of the stress off the staff and makes them more productive. Readers can find out more about the facilities and systems in place in senior homes in and around Garden Grove by visiting

A key area that is often ignored when it comes to running assisted living facilities is the training given to the staff. A robust process needs to be put in place that gives the staff clear instructions on procedures to follow for every possible contingency. Keeping the staff educated on the latest best care practices can help increase the level of service that is provided to every resident. This education needs to be constantly updated to match industry standards. A better-trained staff is also more confident in their handling of crises. When it comes to critical services like end-of-life care, this need for education and training becomes even more important.

Another point that the article makes is to prioritize bathroom safety in assisted living facilities. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every year almost 235,000 people over age 15 visit the emergency room because of injuries in the bathroom. More than a third of those injuries happen during bathing or showing. 14 percent of them occur while using the toilet. Since the bathroom is a hotspot for potential accidents, in an elderly living facility, it becomes doubly important to have a plan of action to mitigate the risk of injuries in the bathroom. Slipping and falling on hard surfaces can lead to broken bones that can leave an elderly person bedridden, even for the rest of their days. Some tips to maintain adequate safety standards are to check for tripping hazards like loose flooring, proper inspection of equipment like shower seats and grab bars, and finally being proactive in fixing any issues brought up by the residents.

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