Senior Care Center Shares Article Listing Surprising Facts About Assisted Living in 2021

Senior Care Center, a placement service that helps seniors and their family members find long-term care facilities like nursing homes and assisted living facilities has shared a Live Love Small blog article that lists surprising facts about assisted living in 2021. Live Love Small is run by an independent blogger and mother based in London.

The blog article begins by advocating the importance of assisted living facilities. It says that they have been around for a long time as senior care is a pressing need in modern times. Seniors prefer to live in a facility where they get to socialize and interact with others of their own age group and those who have had the same shared life experiences. A lack of social connection leads to loneliness and isolation that negatively impacts the quality of life. The blog lists some things to keep in mind while choosing a senior care facility for themselves or their elderly family members.

In the United States, there is no national definition for what constitutes an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are regulated in all states and they provide different levels of care. Some offer light care while others, depending on the license, can care for bedridden individuals too. Residents should do their due diligence and ask pertinent questions to extract the information about the level of service they will receive once they enroll in the facility.

The blog also says that assisted living facilities are different from nursing homes. This is a fact that escapes most people who are looking for long-term care facilities. Nursing homes are more suitable for individuals who are bedridden and need 24-hour medical care for their severe health issues. Assisted living facilities are designed for people who are active and moving but simply require a more lenient living space, help with medication, meals, etc. Readers can visit Senior Care Center’s website to learn more about the services offered at assisted living facilities.

The facilities also have different layouts. Some are laid out formally like hospitals while some have a home-like design. Some are large and can accommodate communities of more than 100 residents. They can be sprawling complexes in the suburbs, apartment buildings in city centers, or more intimate cottages that care for few residents. A visit to the assisted living facility is highly recommended before making a long-term commitment.

Assisted living facilities are also much more affordable compared to nursing homes or home health care services. If living on their own, expenses like the cost of homeownership, including lawn care, utilities, home maintenance, as well as remodeling can pile up. Comparatively, in assisted living facilities, the elderly can consolidate their expenses and leave the finer details to someone else. It is recommended to start planning for retirement as early as possible and to take insurance or Medicaid.

Certain facilities offer specialized care for individuals with degenerative mental illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. These are called memory care facilities and are well suited to individuals suffering from such illnesses. They have specially trained staff members to handle situations that arise when caring for dementia patients.

Assisted living facilities might also allow pets as their importance for emotional support is recognized by the medical community. Residents should confirm the kind of pets that are allowed as there are different rules in every facility. Some communities do pet interviews before deciding whether a particular pet can be a fit in their community, while others only allow pets below 20lbs. Fish and birds are also allowed in some communities.

Finally, the article says that those worried about safety and security can rest assured as most assisted living facilities have 24-hour security. They also provide a 24-hour support system where residents can call anytime they need help. Though it can be scary to trust someone with the health and safety of a loved one, proper vetting of facilities can help one find the perfect home.

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