Senior Care Center Santa Clara Is Adding Online Resources To Help Families Find Alzheimer's Care For Their Elderly Loved Ones

Senior Care Center Santa Clara is adding online resources to help families find Alzheimer's care facilities for their elderly loved ones. Further details can be viewed at the link:

The service allows anyone to call in for a free consultation where all of their questions about senior care are answered by a team of over 400 experienced advisors. A personal advisor will be assigned to help the customer through every step of the process. After the introduction, the advisor will find the top 3 senior homes from a large network of senior care homes to match the customer’s needs that fit within their budget. The advisors can also set up tours to visit the senior care home to inspect the locations firsthand. Finally, the advisor will fill out all the paperwork and be with the family till their elderly loved ones have found the perfect home.

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Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that affects the elderly and worsens gradually over a number of years. It is a neurological disorder that affects the brain. Brain cells die off and the size of the brain shrinks making it difficult to carry out the most basic tasks. The biggest symptom is dementia. In the beginning, the person might experience mild memory loss but slowly the condition deteriorates to the point that the person might be unaware of their surroundings and fail to identify their loved ones. Alzheimer’s is responsible for between 60% to 80% of all dementia cases. Though the majority of cases are those aged 65 and older, according to some statistics around 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 have signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s as of yet and the only current treatment can only slow down the worsening of dementia. Customers can contact the center for more knowledge about the disease using contact details at

Early warning signs of Alzheimer’s are slowed thinking and occasional memory lapses. When the brain cells start to fail rapidly, other more severe symptoms such as serious memory loss, and confusion might set in. The most common early symptom is the difficulty in remembering new information because Alzheimer’s first affects the part of the brain that controls learning. As Alzheimer’s spreads in the brain, it leads to disorientation as the person finds it difficult to adjust to their current surroundings. It can also lead to bad temper or depressive mood swings due to the inability to cope with the mental effort required to carry out the basic tasks. This leads to an overall change in behavior that is noticed by those around them. There is constant uncertainty about what events occurred or the order in which they took place. Paranoia can set in as the patient becomes suspicious about family and friends, and even towards caregivers who are doing their best to take care of the patient. It might also affect motor skills such as walking. The patient might also find it difficult to swallow food or speak in a coherent manner.

Assisted living facilities that are well equipped to handle patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other brain-related conditions such as Vascular Dementia, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Frontotemporal Dementia, Pick’s Disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, Korsakoff Syndrome, Mixed Dementia, and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus are known as memory care homes. They offer services such as dining, laundry, personal care, social programs and events, emergency and security services, housekeeping, therapy programs, medical assistance, and an overall structured environment. The therapy programs are specially designed to help deal with the condition of memory loss. The staff is trained and well prepared for guiding patients who have difficulty coordinating. The facilities are designed so that memory loss residents lessen their wandering behavior. There is 24/7 supervision to keep the residents safe at all times. Leisure activities are planned to help them maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. More details can be viewed at the link:


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