Senior Care Center Discusses Ohio Department Of Aging Survey Rating Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Facilities

Senior Care Center, a resource for helping the elderly and their family members find, apply, and move into assisted living facilities, has shared a survey from the Ohio Department of Aging that asked residents of Ohio nursing homes and assisted living facilities to rate the service they receive. The survey was conducted in 2014.

The survey compared the results from Ohio to an assisted living center in Fullerton, California to see how the service measured up to other centers in the rest of the country. At the final tally in the Long-term Care Resident Satisfaction Survey, nursing home residents gave their facilities a satisfaction rating of 87.5 overall on average while assisted living facility residents gave their providers a rating of 92.3 overall. The results are available online at

When asked about the significance of the conclusion of the survey, a spokesperson for Senior Care Center, Casey Ryeback, said, “This survey, though a few years old at this point, shows us that residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities are overall satisfied with the level of service they are receiving. This doesn’t mean that all is perfect. There is definitely room for improvement. We will continue our efforts to reach out to facility owners and make them aware of gaps in their service. It will enable them to better serve their residents and give us more options when recommending the facilities to the families and elderly who come to us for advice. To find out more about our services in Fullerton, California, readers can click here.”

Bonnie K. Burman, Sc.D., director of the Department of Aging, said in response to the survey results, “Every person deserves access to a wide array of high-quality services and supports, no matter their age or care needs. We know that person-centered, well-coordinated care not only increases resident satisfaction but also creates a more rewarding environment for workers.”

Beverley Laubert, the State Long-term Care Ombudsman, whose office directed the survey said, “The Resident Satisfaction Survey has long been a tool for Ohio consumers and their families to identify which facilities in their communities can best meet their needs, but it also has evolved to be a valuable resource for facility leadership and staff as well. The new priority index included in this survey helps facilities focus their quality improvement efforts on areas that matter most to residents.”

27,085 residents in 953 facilities participated in the survey for nursing homes. Nearly 55 percent of participating nursing homes with statistically significant results scored above the state average of 87.5 (out of 100 total points). 27 nursing homes received a score of 100 on two key questions: “Overall, do you like this facility?” and “Would you recommend this facility to a family member or friend?”

11,013 residents in 598 assisted living facilities participated in the survey. More than 55 percent of participating assisted living facilities with statistically significant results scored above the state average of 92.3 (out of 100 total points). 40 assisted living facilities received a score of 100 on two key questions: “Overall, do you like this facility?” and “Would you recommend this facility to a family member or friend?”

The survey was conducted from August 2013 to January 2014 by Vital Research, LLC, under contract with the Ohio Department of Aging. Vital Research, the Scripps Gerontology Center of Miami University, and the Margaret Blenkner Institute trained interviewers, who met face-to-face with residents. Residents rated their satisfaction with their facility’s environment, activities, administration, staff, laundry, meals, dining, social services, therapy, as well as general satisfaction.

Senior Care Center offers its services to families and elderly people who are looking for safe and well-equipped nursing homes and assisted living facilities for long-term care. They pick the best options from their network that match the client’s budget and care preferences. They help fill out applications, set up tours, and even help residents move in once a decision is made. The service can be reached at (855) 430-0035 to schedule a free consultation. Readers can also head over to its website to learn more about the service.


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