Senior Care Center Discusses California COVID - 19 Vaccination Rollout

California based Senior Care Center Daly City is reaching out to share insight on the COVID-19 vaccine in the hope that this information will help more people stay abreast of their area’s vaccine rollout. In particular, the organization aims to help communities around Daly City learn when and where they can get vaccinated. Click here to visit the Senior Care Center Daly City website and read more about the institution as well as the work they do for their community.

While state governors have leeway to designate which groups receive the vaccine first, most are expected to follow the outline recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is currently recommending that the vaccine be rolled out in phases, with frontline workers and residents of nursing homes receiving their vaccinations first.

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Several vaccines became available around the same time, with the Pfizer and Moderna versions becoming available as early as December 2019. Johnson & Johnson is also expected to provide a vaccine to the public in the near future via its vaccines division, Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses, although experts suggest that even a single dose can offer some protection against the more harmful effects of COVID-19. However, the full strength of the vaccine only comes into effect after the second dose, with Pfizer’s vaccine showing an efficacy of 95% at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infection after two doses (even across multiple age groups). Similarly, the Moderna vaccine was 94.1% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 after the second dose. However, experts advise people to get the vaccine that is made immediately available to them, as getting a ‘slightly less effective’ vaccine is still much better than taking the risk of waiting for another variant.

Phase 1 will begin by vaccinating healthcare personnel who regularly have to work directly with patients, including nurses, physicians and so on. The next part of Phase 1 will see frontline essential workers, including educators, grocery store workers, police officers and more being vaccinated as they also have a high (albeit slightly lower) likelihood of coming in contact with the virus. People aged 75 and older may also be eligible during this part of the phase due to their increased risk of suffering highly adverse symptoms. The last part of this phase will then have the elderly (aged 65—74) vaccinated, along with all those whose underlying medical conditions put them at greater risk of suffering life-threatening complications from the virus.

Notably, Phase 1 is intended to vaccinate both those who are considered vital for the country’s infrastructure to continue functioning as well as those who are at most risk. When Phase 2 is launched, it will likely begin vaccinations for everyone who did not meet the requirements during phase 1. Those with elderly family members are welcome to contact Senior Care Center for further details or assistance. Reads more here:

Vaccinations are currently rolling out across the country at a record pace, and the US recently hit a major milestone with more vaccinations administered than active cases have been recorded. However, experts suggest that it will still take some time to vaccinate as many people as is necessary to establish herd immunity (where even those who cannot be vaccinated are protected by their vaccinated community) and effectively halt the spread of the virus.

At the moment, local residents are advised to take advantage of the country’s free testing facilities (available across San Mateo) in order to keep track of infections and give themselves the opportunity to isolate early if they are exposed. While a test is not the same as a vaccine, it will still allow people to identify whether they are sick (in most instances) and then take measures, such as quarantining themselves, to prevent others getting sick as a result. This will directly help the nation’s efforts to both save lives as well as limit the number of people who have to endure more serious symptoms after contracting the virus (thereby reducing the pressure on the health care systems as this requires fewer hospitalizations).

Those interested are also welcome to connect with the care center’s team through their preferred social media channels. Senior Care Center Daly City regularly shares updates and other helpful information through these channels as well. Furthermore, family members and other representatives may contact Senior Care Center Daly City to follow up on any further inquiries. Find out more about the organization here:


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