Self-Sovereign Identity Company Northern Block Partners With Trusted Identity Platform Acuant

Northern Block, based in Toronto, Canada, is pleased to announce their new business partnership with Los Angeles-based Acuant. Acuant has been a leader in the global field of regulatory compliance (AML/KYC) and digital identity solutions since 1999.

Northern Block is led by a team of business veterans, Chief Executive Officer Mathieu Glaude, Chief Delivery Officer Subhasis Ojha, Chief Strategist Duncan Cameron, and Identity Architect Dave McKay.

Northern Block has been operating for approximately four years building products that use various decentralized technologies. Over the past year and a half, they have aggressively expanded into Self-Sovereign Identity in order to unlock the full power of decentralized solutions. This move has allowed Northern Block to build a global platform as a self-sovereign identity company providing blockchain, verifiable IDs & credentials, and documents along with automated workflow technology.

With a focus on the financial technology (fintech) sector, legal services, governments, NGOs, and more, Northern Block has quickly established a notable reputation for providing expandable, tough, and high-quality solutions that directly and efficiently implement transformative business processes.

Northern Block also holds various leadership positions within the financial technology industry, Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), The Trust over IP (ToIP) Foundation and other global associations.

After rigorous review, Northern Block determined Acuant was the best partnership for integrating identity proofing and compliance technology. The level of accuracy with the Acuant identity verification technology, their robust identity document library (composed of 6,000+ ID types covering more than 200 countries and territories), and their strict policy to not store user data had a significant impact on the decision to partner.

The Los Angeles based Acuant team is led by experienced executives, namely Chief Executive Officer Yossi Zekri, Chief Financial Officer Kevin O’Connor, Executive Vice President Stephen Maloney, Chief Technology Officer Kieran Sherlock, and Chief Product Officer Jose Caldera.

The company they have collectively established is known for specializing in identity verification, document authentication, and fraud prevention technology. Their Trusted Identity Platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and human-assisted machine learning, which is expected to deliver a higher operational efficiency rate.

Northern Block’s partnership with Acuant will further establish their name, reach, and expertise in the field.

“By having a partnership with Acuant we immediately created a more complete and secure offering to our clients, consumers, and business partners. Especially companies in sectors like fintech and legal services where our technology allows for innovation around Privacy by Design principles and KYC (Know your Customer) functionality.” According to Northern Block’s Chief Executive Officer, Mathieu Glaude.

The Northern Block, Acuant partnership opens the door to more secure processes for handling high-value transactions, making clients feel at ease, and affording companies more secure operational systems as they conduce various types of transactions and the sharing of valuable information.

Through the process of transitioning from a service-centric company to a product-centric company, Northern Block will also reform their website to Clients may visit the company’s new website to learn more about their full range of services.


For more information about Northern Block, contact the company here:

Northern Block
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