Seguin Roofers New Braunfels Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. are Providing Residential Roofing Services

New Braunfels Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc., a residential and commercial roofing services company in Central Texas, has expanded its service region to include Seguin, Texas.

A home’s roof plays a major role in providing it protection against the elements. A roof has to not only look good to improve the home’s aesthetics but also endure the climate of the region that can include snow, torrential rain, hurricanes, hail, and more. In Texas, the roofing materials need to have the ability to withstand the sweltering heat that can lead to the tiles cracking and breaking down. The roofing materials also need to have the added benefit of being able to block the heat from reaching the interior of the house. This is only possible when the tiles are laid out with enough space between them to allow ventilation and airflow to let them cool off.

A qualified and experienced roofing professional will use the best roofing materials and will install them with meticulous care such that the roof stands the test of time. New Braunfels Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc aims to be that contractor in Seguin. It provides residential and commercial roofing services including new builds, roof repairs, roof replacements, and emergency roof restorations. The contractor has been providing its services to the residents and commercial property owners of Texas since 2015. It has garnered over 130 reviews on its Google My Business and it sits at an impressive rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 from such a large number of reviews.

When asked about its focus on using high-quality roofing products for its services, a spokesperson for the company says, “There is a litany of roofing products available on the market that all promise the world but end up failing to live up to their promise. They either give way during installation or show their true quality weeks, months, or years after the installation has been completed. Through our rigorous experience in the field, we’ve had the chance to work with everything under the sun. This has given us insight into the products that are truly worth their asking price. We make sure to only pick out the best of the best roofing materials that will not only look amazing on your home but will also do a great job in protecting it from the constant battering force of Texas’s harsh weather. We select products that have a high degree of craftsmanship gone into their creation giving them an immaculate aesthetic quality and formidable durability. We also ensure that all the products that we use are supported by a manufacturer-backed warranty. This is not only to give the customer peace of mind in case the roofing materials fail but to also ensure we pick our products from manufacturers that are confident in the end product that they are selling. Once we pick the highest quality materials, we also adhere strongly to industry-standard installation practices that take into account the manufacturer’s instructions of product use. All of our precautions make the customer experience a hassle-free and pleasurable one. So if you are looking for reliable roofing contractors in Seguin that know the business through and through, give New Braunfels Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. a call and say goodbye to all of your roof-related problems.”

One of the recent reviews on the company’s Google My Business page says, “I am so happy with my new roof. I let the guys choose color and spec. They did a super job. They were professional, respectful on my time, and very informative. I trusted them completely with my property. They treated me like family. I felt safe and secure. These guys came out evaluated my roof and the damage. Helped me with my insurance, Went above and beyond. They had the job done efficiently. My property was left cleaner than when they started. Great Job. Would recommend them to anyone.”

New Braunfels Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. can be contacted at the phone number 1-830-832-4867 or at the email address


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