Security Now USA Delivers Quality Guard Services Across the US

Sherman, California - Security Now USA, a leader in security and guarding services, maintains its reputation as the most trusted Security Guard Service Provider in the USA. The leading security company continues to provide reliable and trustworthy guards for every client in the US.

Headquartered at 1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310, A626, Cheyenne, WY 82001, Security Now USA outpaces its competitors for many reasons. First is their solid reputation. The company’s years of experience providing security services and positive reviews from clients indicate their outstanding service. Their portfolio in delivering security solutions needed reflects their solid work performance.

Another thing that sets Security Now USA from their competitor is their high level of transparency concerning payment agreements and negotiation. The company provides regular updates, such as incident reports, to their clients. With this, they always gain the full trust of their clients.

Security Now USA is also the most responsive guard provider. They offer quick response time. The security provider responds accordingly to business changes and makes the necessary adjustments to provide the best service.

The Best Security Guard Services in the USA likewise maintains its competence. They have competent people supplemented with advanced technology. Security Now USA guards are all licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Public Safety PISGS to provide armed or unarmed services. They also employ the latest security system technology advancements and continuously improve their systems to maintain their efficiency.

“At Security Now USA, our professionalism and experience separate us from the competition. Our security guards have backgrounds in law enforcement or the military,” says Security Now USA.

Furthermore, Security Now USA is admired in the industry for its credibility. They have a valid security license and relevant certifications. They also have adequate insurance. They say, “We hold a State of Ohio Department of Public Safety PISGS Class “A” license granting us permission to provide lawful and insured security and private investigation nationally. We are fully insured, privately owned and maintain worker’s compensation and unemployment policies.”

Armed with all these good qualities, Security Now USA provides guard services for banks, malls, hotels, construction sites, health facilities, and events. They also deliver dispensary security, maritime security, general security, temporary security guards, and fire watch services. The company also specializes in employee background checks. To check the complete list of all their security services, visit

To learn more about the Trusted Security Service In The USA, clients may call (888) 239-7621. Security Now USA also has an office at 15260 Ventura Boulevard Suite 1200 in Sherman, California.


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