Scottsdale Golf Club Encourages Members to Stay Fit at Home Using Their Newly Created Quarantine Workout Regimen

The Country Club at DC Ranch is a private membership only golf community that over the years has demonstrated that they truly care about their members mental and physical wellbeing. The latest example of that is the new quarantine fitness regimen that they came up with for club members, family, and friends. They call this group of exercises ‘The Quarantine Bod Workout’. This fitness routine is designed to be an exhilarating way for their members to stay upbeat and in good physical condition while they are staying home more often during the current virus crises. The workout can be accessed through a link that was included in the corresponding email that was sent to all their members.

The Director of Membership and Marketing at the club, Melanie Halpert, says, “While golf may not be as physical or involve as much contact as some other sports, it still requires some muscles to be stretched close to their limits during play. This is especially true of those in the shoulder, lower leg, and upper body area. That’s why we wanted to come up with a workout plan for our members that would enable them to be at less risk of injury when they return to play our course. This is something that we felt so strongly about, that we left the task of designing this workout routine to our professional fitness staff. They even managed to find a way to come up with a routine that is fun and enjoyable for those that do it.”

‘The Quarantine Bod Workout’ was designed to be done without the use of anything but one’s bodyweight. In the email that was sent out to their members regarding the new workout, it was suggested that their members follow this fitness regimen 2 to 3 days a week for maximum impact. It also mentioned that members should do the workout routine according to their current physical condition. This is what they termed beginner, good shape, great shape, and phenomenal shape fitness levels. As an example, the email correspondence stated that beginners should only go through the fitness regimen one time, while those in phenomenal shape should do 4 sets of each block of exercises to benefit the most from the exercises. Block 1 exercises consisted of Eccentric Push-ups, Walking lunges, and Airsquats. Split squats, wall leans, and forearm planks fell under block 2 and block 3 exercises included shoulder circles and side lunges. As a nice finishing touch, ‘The Quarantine Bod Workout’ suggests a one mile walk or run.

The email from this Scottsdale golf club also acknowledged that those at their facility realize that fitness equipment is in short supply due to increased demand because of so many people working out at home during the virus crisis. That’s why the email suggested that those who need more than their bodyweight to benefit from the workout, should try improvising as far as fitness equipment was concerned. It was suggested that such things as milk jugs filled with water, a duffle bag filled with 5-10 lbs. of rice, a bag of potatoes, or tube socks filled with rocks, would make decent substitutes for store bought fitness equipment. Also mentioned in the fitness regimen email was that those at the club were very interested to hear back from members that tried the workout. They wanted to know if they thought the workout routine was beneficial to them and each member’s personal opinions on the workout itself. That will help the club’s fitness staff shape future workouts that they create for their members. At the end of the workout email it stated that The Country Club at DC Ranch would also continue the online streaming of their Wellbeats fitness classes to members through the end of July.

Halpert went on to say that The Country Club at DC Ranch is North Scottsdale's premier private golf and country club. In addition to a world class golf course, the club also caters to those that enjoy tennis, fitness, swimming, exceptional dining venues and going to club sponsored social events. More information on this membership only club located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona can be seen on their website at


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