School Is Proud That Its Staff Brings Over 50 Years Of Experience To Their Contractors License Classes In Los Angeles

The Contractors State License Center, which is located in Los Angeles, has a long history of helping their students pass the difficult California Contractor License Exam. The school gives much of the credit for this success to the fact that their staff is filled with many people that have broad contracting backgrounds and know the ins-and-outs of the different types of contractor’s exams that their students will be taking. When added up, the school’s students get the benefit of being taught courses that are designed by people that have over 50-Years of combined contractor knowledge and essential contactor’s exam familiarity.

The school owner, Eric Jacobs, says, “It’s no secret among those that have taken it, that the California State Contractors Licensure Exam is a very comprehensive and difficult test. That’s why it’s so important if you are going to get help studying for this exam that it’s recommended that you get it from a learning facility that knows contracting well and the intricacies of this state exam itself. That’s exactly what you get from us. We have been helping our students prep for the California State Contractors Licensure Exam for over 20-years and much of our success is because our staff combines over 50-years of related contractor and exam experience. The overwhelmingly positive results of those we assist with prepping for the exam speaks for itself.”

Jacobs added that there are also other benefits that their students get from prepping for the state contractors’ exam with them besides what their staff’s experience brings to the table. This includes the fact that they are the only contractor’s licensure school in Los Angeles, California that offers their students free tutoring. He pointed out that this is something that many of their students feel was essential to helping them pass their particular version of the state contracting licensure exam. The company spokesperson says that another advantage that their students have is the flexibility that is built into their course curriculum. This starts with students having the option to attend classes online or in-person. He mentioned that those who wish to become a licensed California contractor and feel they will learn better from a classroom-type environment, only have to come to school once a week in a two-hour block. No matter what type of course a student chooses, after six weeks, they will start taking the school’s practice exams which are made to closely mimic the setup of the actual California State Contractors Licensure Exam. This will greatly aid in their students’ comfort level when they sit down to take their state contactors test.

The company owner went on to say that anyone who intends to do over $500 of paid work on a property is required by law in California to be a licensed contractor. This includes any individual or business that does tasks that construct or alter any building, highway, road, parking facility, railroad, excavation, or other structure. He also stated that the fines are very severe for those that do these types of jobs that are found out not to have the proper licensing requirements. Jacobs added that the exam itself has two major components. One has to do with the law and trade aspects of contracting and the other section has questions that are centered around the particular type of contracting that a person wants a license for. He stated that depending on a person’s desired contracting specialty, there are usually around 125 multiple-choice questions that make up the exam and a passing score is 73%.

Those who would like more information on this school’s contractors license classes in Los Angeles can call them or fill out the information request form on the ‘contact us’ page of their website. They have staff standing by to answer questions from 9 AM - 6 PM Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday; 9 AM - 8 PM on Tuesday; and 9 AM - 4 PM on Saturday. In addition to offering assistance helping people pass the California State Contractors Licensure Exam, The Contractors State License Center also helps clients get contractors insurance and fulfill California’s contractor surety bond requirements.


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