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Aiken, South Carolina -

Woodside-Aiken Realty, based in Aiken, SC, is pleased to offer personalized real estate services for clients seeking to buy or sell property in Woodside Plantation and the greater Aiken area. With decades of collective experience and a deep knowledge of their community, the agency is capable of assisting both residential clients as well as commercial entities.

As a tourist destination alone, Aiken boasts much that would entice even the most jaded traveler. Rich in southern history, traditions and architecture, the city is also home to a vibrant and welcoming community that loves to spend time in Aiken’s beautiful outdoor spaces (especially with equine companions). However, as many who reside here proudly observe, visiting the city pales in comparison to being able to call it home. Aiken’s charms often prove to be an irresistible draw for many others as well, bringing in families and individuals alike who wish for nothing more than to absorb its unique ambiance.

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To that end, the real estate agents at Woodside-Aiken Realty support the efforts of both buyers and sellers throughout Aiken County, maintaining listings of residential and commercial properties as well as lots. They are also readily equipped to help first-time home buyers, especially among Millenials (who reportedly make up the majority of home buyers).

Woodside-Aiken Realty’s vast experience enables them to work with virtually any client, from those who have yet to buy their first property to organizations that frequently add new properties to their holdings. While the latter is well aware of the agency’s professional acumen, the former will more than likely need a great deal more guidance as they navigate the real estate world. Fortunately, the agency’s realtors make up a patient, passionate team who are more than willing to accommodate every client’s budget and must-haves.

The agency strongly believes that realtors should seek to connect with any client, taking the time to understand what they are looking for (and why). This foundation is crucial regardless of how many properties the client has purchased or sold in the past, and Woodside-Aiken Realty specializes in working within established boundaries, instead of trying to force a buyer or seller into making a real estate decision they may latter regret.

For instance, the agency says that their team’s overall approach with first-time home buyers is to start by helping them determine a budget. From here, they can narrow down what they are looking for. Woodside-Aiken Realty frequently works with other professionals in the real estate industry as well, and they prefer to work with those who maintain a similarly high standard service as their own team. As such, they will be pleased to recommend trusted, reliable partners who can provide any further assistance a client requires, such as a financial specialist who can help them prepare for the mortgage process or even insurance agents, contractors, lawn maintenance companies and so on.

The agency considers the client their top priority at all times. Their team does everything in their power to support the client’s best interests, and their expert advice and guidance is freely offered at every stage of the process. Notably, many others have already experienced the agency’s prowess and commitment for themselves, and feedback from these clients may prove informative to others who are looking for a trustworthy and capable real estate professional.

Cheryl E. says in their review, “We were fortunate to have found Laraine Clark, which was from a referral. She was extremely knowledgeable of the area and very savvy of the properties we viewed. She would give us critical feedback on her impression of the condition of the property as well as how it would fit into our personalities and lifestyle. We looked at countless homes over a period of six months. We were somewhat picky clients but knew what worked for us, and Laraine did not get frustrated or tired dealing with us. She would say, "you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.” I think she knew the home we ended up buying was the right choice for us even before we did. Overall a rewarding experience where she still gives us great advice on the area which fits into our lifestyle.”

Woodside-Aiken Realty invites their community to get in touch today if they are looking for a new home, wish to list their home for sale or require a professional’s input on any other real estate matter. The team can be reached via phone and email, and interested parties may also connect with Woodside-Aiken Realty via their social media platforms.


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